30 Apr 2013

Keeping in touch and all that....

Just another funny cat picture....

I am not hiding from monsters but it sometimes feel like I am. This is the longest break from EVE-ONLINE ever and it has turned out to be quite healthy actually. The reasons for the enforced break has been discussed before but my wife is still without a permanent job, my own roles have been cut back and job prospects are looking a little bleaker each month. We both agreed to cut back on 'stuff' in order to save money. Dropping from a double-income to a single one - with the outgoings still being the same was a jolt, I can tell you! We're not pleading poverty but wanted to see if we had the will and discipline to do it when things were hard but not impossible, before circumstances deteriorated to the point where we would be having trouble servicing the mortgage and the weekly shopping becomes an exercise in pain. So, sort of dipping one's toe in the water before the full cold-water submersion.

Why was EVE-ONLINE on the chopping block? Well, EVE isn't a game, it is a lifestyle, an obsession and a very fickle mistress. I have played EVE longer than I have known my wife and since she had more time now at home, it was only right that she wanted to spend it with me and I with her. I mean, she's my wife! Also, just having a conversation over a cup of tea with the cats bouncing around us is nice. I have learnt to say 'yes, dear' a lot of late!

It wasn't just EVE that was on the chopping block but also the cable TV subscription, regular outings to restaurants (though I love to cook at home - which I am doing more of, hurray!) and cinema outings to name a few.

My subscription is still active however, I paid for it with my credit card and it has a couple of months left. I left a long training session running so nothing lost I hope. I do feel a bit guilty when I try to log in, however, as the temptation to play is still there but I there's plenty to do around the house and garden and I still need to help my wife with job hunting. So, each time my mouse hovers over the login button - something else pulls me away.

My client has been regularly patched and I see some excitement from the FanFest in the form of blogs and videos. Also, the special edition - CCP please take my money! Looks delicious and I am due a small bonus so why not? Split it with the wife - she get's a manicure and a massage and I get the special edition DVD on pre-order AND may be some blag from the store too - I love the starmap t-shirt and the Gurista bag too.
Keeping in touch with friends and foes alike.
So, a keeping in touch post to friends and foes alike. I know when I do get back, a lot of things will have changed but that fills me with excitement. Just hope my missus gets successful in her job hunt!

Fingers crossed.