27 Jan 2011

New makeover therefore, new drunken roam needed!

My liver has finally recovered from the pre-New Year, post-Christmas drunken roam and I want to thank all the pilots who attended, all the pilots who sent me funny emails and evemails about it and those who have been asking for more!

Well, I am not the man to turn down a good idea now am I? Anyway, more later on 'drunken roam number 2' and details of invitations, locations etc a bit later.

An older portrait
The newer version

It was with some trepidation that I asked for my portrait to be retaken. I do hate all forms of photography  though Shae's rendering of me is very nice and I approved of it.

Still, I subjected myself to this folly and insisted on a more natural shot - none of this posing for me so a  photographer of some renown followed me around and took pictures. Lots of pictures and I have to say, I am quite happy with the results.  I can also see that many pod pilots, with a constant need for change will be more than happy to pay ISK to tweak their appearances. Just wait and see.

The Bastards have been swamped by applications to the corporation, more so with our recent antics in Hulkageddon I, II & III. With this in mind and our desire to retain as many potentially decent pirates as we could. We set up another corporation to take these pilots in:  a fair percentage of those we didn't accept were either too time poor to join full time or lacking in certain skill sets. Many who were declined a place stayed on with us as friends, flying with us in our fleets and getting to know us. Other interested parties wanted to experience piracy but wanted to do this with lower skilled alts. Then we knew that Hulkageddon IV would be coming along and we were active participants in the event so why not try and kill as many birds with one stone as possible?

Form a new corporation that:

1. Can act as a convenient staging corporation for those who want to apply to The Bastards
2. Will take in lower level SP pirates and get them experienced in low-sec piracy, then pick then for The Bastards.
3. Will allow alts and those who want more casual style of play or who are time-poor to experience piracy with The Bastards.
4. Can provide the necessary man-power to help us achieve greater success in Hulkageddon IV, since all we're asking for is Destroyer IV and a racial frigate to IV.
5. Can provide our budding FCs with small fleets to learn the ropes.

So, forming a corporation under The Bastards Alliance was therefore a complete no-brainer. I asked my good friend Tim Kang to step in as CEO. He was in charge of the 'Offshore Indian Call Centre' corporation, a previous executor for The Bastards and was now looking for a job. Perfect. 

Recruitment post for MEATSHIELD

So any budding pilots who want to get involved with The Bastards and Hulkageddon IV - follow the link above, reply to it (so you can bump it) and then follow the instructions to apply. We've already accepted a fair few and they're settling in nicely. 

We went on a roam last night and it was great fun: a mixed fleet of 20 odd ships racing around. Inevitably we ran into an even bigger group and lost the fight but that is the way the cookie crumbles especially with new members. More to follow but everything is looking great. 

Hulkageddon IV
Oh yes, this has now been officially announced for a February 19th (Saturday) and we can't wait. One of the drivers to get more pilots was to have our new chaps throw themselves screaming into high-sec space and kill miners. What fun! Since The Bastards has always been a small corporation, larger numbers certainly gives us more time zone coverage. Last time, TheHermit more or less stayed awake the entire time. Not this time, I don't think there's enough caffeine in the world to do it!

There's more information here: HK IV FAQ

Oddly, there is a counter-event in response to Hulkageddon called: 'Griefer Geddon'. Details are here and I applaud whoever decided on this event. Good luck to both sets of participants!

Drunken Roam, Guilty Pleasures & Hooray for Hulkageddon Roam!
So, with the formation of Meatshield [QUORN], Hulkageddon IV just round the corner and my liver now just about back to normal, I think it is a fine time to organise another such roam and to celebrate the formation of a new corporation for a fine bunch of pirates and the start of a glorious week-long session of destruction!

Date: FRIDAY, 11 FEB 2010 or FRIDAY, 18th FEB 2010 (will go with the one with the most numbers)
Time: 21:15 EVE TIME
Form-up time: 20:15 EVE TIME
Location: Will be sent to those interested in due course but previous attendees should know where it is.
Route: TBD - but all over the place no doubt...
Duration: Until we run out of ships or the FC collapses from too much alcohol

Aim: Crazily fitted T1 frigate/cruiser roam around low-sec and null-sec; it will end when we have no ships left in the fleet (or we fall off our chairs drunk).

We are to have fun, drink and be merry. Emphasis on the drink and merry bit. No sad faces. 

OMG Whiskey!

Like the last roam, the idea is to have fun. There's no better lubricant for fun then alcohol and lots of it! Ratting for ammo is expected. Throwing ourselves into danger at the first opportunity is expected. 

Of course, we have to pace ourselves as there will be plenty of chances to drink so the roam should still last the usual two hours. As an added incentive, we do love music so I ask everyone who wants to attend (or who can't but want to be involved) to submit 3-5 music tracks that they file away under ' guilty pleasures' - you know the ones: the 80s power ballads that you secretly sing to, that Britney Spears song that you can't help wiggle to and the Top Gun tunes you have on full blast when you're PvP. You know the ones. Submit them and I will either create a YouTube play list or better yet, submit the lot to Eve-Radio (or some other Radio station) as a two-hour request / dedication. Now isn't that a good idea? 

Everyone read the requirements carefully.


++FUN roam, no sad faces!!++

1. Join the in-game channel 'INDEPENDENCE' for details and fleet pick up on the day.
2. Any T1 frigate/cruiser fitted out with whatever you want. 
3. Yes, fit a rupture with lasers if you want.
4. Or a thorax with arties and missiles.
5. Or a rifter with a cruiser sized weapon.
6. Or bring a Celestis, sorry Lady Shaniqua!
7. Mix your weapon systems. Why? because we can and that's how we roll.
8. Points required of course, we can't have people running away.

Pirate force someone to drink to excess
9. We each drink a shot of spirits (or beer) every half hour during the roam and after each ship kill and after each ship loss and for every ransom.
10. Aim is to see who can stay up for the longest.
11. Ventrilo - working with mic in place.
12. Needs to be frapsed with some vent recordings as well.
13. If you decide to fit a stab (why not?) then you have to say 'STABBED!' in local, take a shot of alcohol and then RUN like the wuss you are when you get tackled. If you do this and get smack - everyone else will need to take a shot on your behalf.
14. Tell me what is your drink(s) of choice for the night.

15. Any other rules that the FC wants to make up on the night.

Interested? Then contact us using the one of the following methods:

1. Post a comment here.
2. Contact me on flashfresh@the-bastards.com
3. Contact TheHermit on thehermit@the-bastards.com
4. Contact me or TheHermit ingame via conversation or evemail

Go on, it will be fun (again)...