31 Jul 2012

Olympic Fever means less pew-pew

Sorry chaps but with the chance to watch Olympics and being sucked into some sports that I had very little exposure too (for e.g. handball and water polo); I have been glued to the television (and BBC iplayer and my wife's iPad) watching as much of the olympics as I can. Having been involved in the olympics, though not the security or the ticketing I hasten to add; I feel that the London games have been brilliant. Pity that our medal haul is still in single figures but come on Team GB.

So, this has had the unfortunate effect of seriously curtailing online space ship time but have no fear, I will be back and there's a number of changes that I am going to carry out (and announce) when I do get back.

So come on TEAM GB!

9 Jul 2012

Incursus - thank you

Alliance Tournament
Am sure many of us have been watching the AT X tournament with interest; great job by everyone involved. Some odd matches for sure but all enjoyable nonetheless. Love the dual tank Machs and nearly everyone seems to be running around with the ancillary shield boosters. I think I am going to slap one on a rifter and see how this puppy reacts!

Alliance Tournament has been great, right down to the view of the commentator-in-a-basement video mode...
I have been cheering on some of the more piratical bent alliances so shout outs and waves to Space P0lice and Shadow Cartel to name two. Oh by the way, Kil2, you're brilliant and the best of the bunch.

Action in low-sec, what else? 
Before the regular fleet was official out on a roam, some of the fleet members were already tussling with some of the locals; in one fight - killing x2 stealth bombers that netted a total of approximately 400m isk drop in survived modules drop here and here. However, in terms of numbers; The Bastards came off worse with z0de losing his megathron to x2 100MN tengus amongst others. A ship set-up that we couldn't figure out (quickly enough) on how to deal with. Still, one always learns and that's why I love New Eden so much.

Racing around low-sec faction warfare space has been great fun, especially in a sensor booster artillery fitted thrasher. A lot of action with viable targets within a short jump range and enough kills to keep most pilots.  Last night was a case in point, a mixed fleet of destroyers around the Bleak Lands; various militia gangs moving around. We raced into Roushzar as z0de called us in on a tackle on a stabber fleet issue. When we arrived, another militia fleet was there piling on the damage. We failed to get the pod though z0de got on the kill mail. We did have a neutral pilot with us who, since he wasn't militia flagged was instantly locked and popped by the other fleet. Oops, I think he will not be joining us in any more fleets now or in the future! z0de tried to save him by explaining to the friendly militia fleet that he was a neutral war photographer but all it got was guffaws. Well, we tried!

The fleet continued and Mal in his navy slicer warned us that there was a flashy (actually WT) merlin, enyo and retribution hanging about the Kourmonen / Auga gate. Cool, we landed and jumped to the other side and engaged. No messing.

Unfortunately, I landed within blaster range of the enyo. Now this thrasher of mine is for quick-locking and long range bombardment. Not close up work. I called the Merlin primary despite of being within the tender embrace of the enyo (which was pointed) and decided to trade shots. The merlin went down and despite my attempts to get away; the enyo melted me as the rest of the fleet shot the Gallente assault frigate to scrap. The retribution was the last and was dispatched.
So I love the thrasher - Even if the price of ships has shot up but the insurance pay-out takes the sting out somewhat.

A shout out to FloppyM who kindly donated five incursus hulls to me! I think he wants me to cause some trouble with it so my good sir, I will do just that! They will all be named 'FloppyM made me do it'. 
When I searched for 'FloppyM' - this is what I got.....

Oops, purple-on-purple

After shooting a fleet mate, make sure you say sorry and bring flowers....

A couple of nights ago was my first blue-on-blue (or purple-on-purple) incident. I blame myself, was in a fleet of 40+, in my thrasher when a rifter got closer and closer to me. At 500m, it opened up with it's weapons, webs and scrambler. My thrasher is an arty fit one and my first instinct should have been to to match the guys speed and direction (to cut down the transversal) and then hit him. However, I tried to convo him as I was convinced he had 'mis-targetted' me (is that a word?) - but my thrasher for the night was paper thin and by the time I realised that, no he was shooting and intended to separate the pod from my vessel; it was too late. I fired two volleys. The first one missed, the second took him into half armour and then I went pop. Meanwhile, the rest of the fleet suddenly realised what was going on and local exploded with many an expletive. The offender was caught, webbed, scrambled, popped AND podded.

Meanwhile, yet another fleet member cheekily grabbed my loot (which included the mods from another fleet member who died earlier and I was keeping his mods for him), left the fleet and raced off to wherever he called home! Ignoring all calls to bring the stuff back.

I have to laugh though - what goes around, comes around. The Bastards are pirates and right now, we're having a fun time with the Minmatar militia as er, privateers for the summer. However, the Minnie militia certainly has it's fair share of criminals, brigands and thieves too so we do feel at ease and at home.

So it is now surprise, that I have been convo'ed a few times in the last two weeks that some corporations are leaving us red; despite both now being in the same militia. They will shoot us regardless. This should be interesting and will make combined fleets an exercise in restraint. Well, at least they have the courtesy to tell me. That night, I think was just a mashed up overview by a capsuleer noob, so no biggie. However, if someone could sell me a couple of thrasher hulls cheaply - that would be great too! Having lost our jump freighter ability for the time being, I am somewhat constrained with ship moves.

Without even realising it, I had some er, Loyalty Points for my actions at shooting someone. Yes, I was paid LPs to shoot someone. What a change in events. Anyway, these LPs were cashed in for some BPs and implants. Should I sell them or use them myself? I always wanted to fly a stabber fleet issue! Either way, some more isk, can't say no