30 Sept 2011

The long reach of the lachesis - me loves it.

Lachesis - a right nasty bugger

With a fleet of about a dozen battle cruisers I decided to forgo our usual logistical support (as we didn't have enough qualified pilots anyway) and opted to go with recon support in the form of my lachesis and Marco's rapier.

A fleet with the ability to throw points out to 75KM and triple web someone to a range of 35km isn't too shabby at all.

So once the fleet was out, our scouts had detected some potential targets in Helgatid around what we assumed, was a just-anchored POS. It had its shield up but POS modules were anchored. There were a number of ships clustered by: an apocalypse class battle ship, a couple of cruisers and frigates. We can definitely have some of that.

As we moved into position; a second scout spotted an armageddon on a gate, killing off some of the local Angel rats. We were one jump away and arrived just as this second armageddon jumped into the Helgatid, no doubt to join his friends around the POS.

TheHermit entered first with his Onyx and snagged it.

"Point." He said and that was our signal to get in. Shizraak in his brittle hurricane was targetted by the armageddon and we went to work. Unfortunately for Shiz, this armageddon had a web and scrambler and kept Shiz pinned down long enough to completely boil off his shields and melt his armour. Shizraak's 'cane went pop but we took our revenge by killing the armageddon.

Meanwhile, our original target (the ships around the POS) was still there though most of the ships had scarpered by now leaving only the apocalypse. Our noobie-corp scout was 80KM away from the battle ship but it was enough. I asked for a warp in and overloaded my warp disruptor. When I landed there were three ships including the apocalyse. However, the battle ship was the prize and even from 80 KM my warp disruptor reached out and held the apocalypse.

"Point." I said and ordered the rest of the fleet to come in. Switching on their micro warp drives as they landed, The Bastards battle cruisers rushed over to the hapless battle ship and sliced it up.

The more I think about it; the more I love this ship. Need to fly it more often I think and I am so tempted to organise the fleet and update my set up for some obscene pointage.

Now, am asking all you EFT (or PYFA) warriors to recommend to me a set-up for either the Lach or 'Zu that you think would be suitable for our style of play (i.e. sneaky Bastards type of play..)


16 Sept 2011

Back with a boom, unfortunately it was mine!

Back with a bang
Yes, we did bend over for this one with predictable results. 
After a refreshing break, what better than to come back and go for a roam with the lads? So I volunteered as one of two scimitar pilots and undocked with a fleet of battle cruisers; The Bastards favourite hull type. Unfortunately, we've been too lax and I was not on my top game: we started late, took too long to form up and the new Pod UI had a 100MB update to be applied.

Since we took longer than expected; it was no suprise that many of our local neighbours realised something was up and tried to bait us outside our station, in our system and neighbouring systems. I ignored them until one of our scouts spotted a likely target around the Taff gate in Egmar. We decided to go for it with two drakes and two scimitars for support and I was confident of success. One of our drake pilots disconnected but that was okay; but local then went up by a few and I called the rest of the fleet in. As they decloaked and started to warp to our location; local kept on going up....and up. Our targets had friends nearby and before we knew it; we had 3 v 1. Slightly worried, I ordered the ships to align out but the DPS was too much, I had frigates crawling all over me and I think I was jammed too. I popped first and asked for the secondary FC to take over. However, the result was never in doubt: we got our arses handed to us.

Feeling somewhat bruised, we returned to the station and re-shipped while we considered our options. Shipping up into my sliepnir (after Marco's expert discussion on improving my set-up) we went out for more fun in our upgraded ships but nothing was biting. It was a proving to be a tough week for The Bastards.

Our own Hulkageddon - Bastards' style
Kill the mining barges for they are evil!

Hulkageddon has been a fun part of our New Eden landscape and The Bastards have been competing in this competition since its inception. We loved the idea and throw ourselves into the occasion, using cheap T1 destroyers in small groups as opposed to other competitors who decided on smart-bombing battleships. We always had pilots who came in the top 10 and did well as a corporation when compared to some of the larger alliances. So it was with some sadness that we discovered that HK would be no more after it's founder, mentor and organiser, Helicity Boson, was unceremoniously banned from the official organs of New Eden. His appetite for New Eden politics obviously went downhill from there and who can blame them. While there were many who stepped forward to offer to continue the event, which I fully support and hope it works, it isn't the same.

However, our very own TheHermit; who has been The Bastards' own driving force in the HK events decided to run an internal HK event. Open to only those in The Bastards Alliance, it was a one-week event; quite low-key but well attended with interested pirates using jump clones to move into the target area. The statistics are here.

4-year birthday bash!
No we don't have fairies....
The Bastards hit their fourth Birthday this weekend and of course we will be celebrating. We've had a rich history, complete with drama, fun and very odd characters passing through our ranks. The Eve Wiki has a formative years of The Bastards available to all those who want to have a read. Am working on the last couple of years in order to update the story.

Anyway, we've organised a birthday roam - so all Bastards past and present, join the ingame channel and say hi. Oh, TheHermit has also asked that we bring the bling. Should be fun.

OKAY....sorry, drunk roam report (part of)

Getting drunk....
I had this blog post in my drafts for ages as I couldn't remember enough to finish it; however - here is what I have....

I was not successful in getting the fuzziness out of my head: it felt like it was packed full of cotton wool. Yes, the after-effects of another drunken roam with The Bastards and my God, the killboard looked red. The rules of these drunken roams are simple: drink, fly ships and shoot people in the face and then drink some more, repeat until you can't remember your name. The only hope of reconstructing the evening was through the various log entries, camera drone footage and other recording devices that were on during the night. So sifting through the files, I came to the following series of events which has been reconstructed into some semblance of a coherent narrative.

The fleet was an open invitation to anyone who wanted to fly drunk with The Bastards and we had over 30 in the fleet with a few more stragglers. It was an astounding assortment of ship types and I was surprisingly flexible with the route, destination and communication discipline. Very unlike me but already, I was liquor'ed up and feisty with a quart of Disarono and coke from an earlier, lunch time drinking session with some colleagues. However, I decided to count the number of 'sips' of beverage I would imbide from the time the roam started to well, my waking up the next day. 

The destination was generally agreed to be Amamake - where there would be an almost certain guarantee of traffic through the top belt and greatest chance of some pew-pew. Each jump we took a sip (of varying volumes) and by the time we had arrived at Auga, a 15 jump journey; I was already feeling the effects.

Sip Count: 15

So we did race into the top belt and sat there - some bright spark decided to mine in order to 'fool' the locals.Who was he? It wasn't a Bastard that's for sure.

The locals eventually came in and proceeded to get serious about a fight. We sort of decided to respond and set their drake as primary.

It went down hill from there.

We had horribly fitted ships and a mere glance at our killboard confirms that we lost some epic ships including: Shizraak's rainbow fitted Maelstrom complete with the most epic cargo hold ever; TheHermit's webbing blackbird; my own rupture flying with a battleship class autocanon. No less.

The loss of ships was quite epic.

I had to add about 30 odd sips to the total already and by this time, I was blasted and can't remember a thing....

..(sorry can't continue the story as I seem to have developed amnesia!)

A shout out to the The Bastards' Online Mortuary and Out-Of-Eve
Meet some of TheHermit's guests......

The Bastards have some talented individuals but none more so then one of our Directors and my number two, TheHermit. He has developed a website that keeps track of all the corpses he has collected in his years as a pirate in New Eden. There's many new features about to be incorporated but I love what he has done already. Go on, see if you or a close friend is a guest in TheHermit's Mortuary: http://graveyard.eve-ransoms.com/

He also hosts a cool tool: http://eve-ransoms.com/ooe/ try it and register it; it is Evemon on steroids.