24 Aug 2006


Ahhh to be alive once more. Been a while.

Why have I turned pirate after almost two years of carebear activity?

Well, ever since my first kill (pre-mediated) I haven't had so much fun in EVE for a very long time.

My highlights include:

1. Scanning a ship down using the scanner. Your heart pounding as you pray he doesn't notice you in local and decide to safe spot.
2. Warping towards the belt in question after scanning down towards a 15degree slice.
3. As you approach the belt, the slightly longer lag as the client loads up 'extra' information....this being your prey, his ship and the rats he is hunting.
4. Popping out of warp and seeing that sweet square bracket in your overview.
5. Locking (always slow!) and hitting the scramble module.
6. Locked around the target and unleashing hell on him.
7. Seeing prey's shield and armour go down. Seeing him turn yellow and then red as he overcomes shock and re-acquires you.
8. Keeping an eye on local as you see prey repair like mad. Your armour, however keeps going down as does your cap.
9. Prey down to hull and you just *KNOW* you have him.
10. Pop. Lock onto pod and go back to point 5 & 6.
11. Ransom (maybe) or pop him.
12. Scoop the body up and loot and safespot.
13. Check, read and re-read kill mail.
14. Get up and wait for adrenaline rush to die.
15. Go back to 1.

Other points:

a. Too many peeps think EVE is safe in low-sec and super complacent about it. Time to show them this isn't WOW.
b. So many big mouthed players who talks lots but can't back it up. Priceless when you destroy their ship, their pod and their reputations.
c. Keeping down lag.
d. Utterly addicted to the thrill of the hunt,
e. I want to be in charge of my own destiny.
f. EVE-Online rocks.