23 Nov 2012

Hi all just an update

This is my morning mantra
Hi all,

You know, I always chuckled at the 'I am not dead yet' blog posts thinking that even if I cut back on my play time, that I would still be involved enough to say something noteworthy. Alas, the last two months has seen nothing of the sort. Complete break from most of, well, everthing.

My free time has been spent reading on my kindle, spending more quality time with my wife and friends and family.

The three-month storm from August to October appears to have finally blown past me. It involved the Olympics, Paralympics, death of a friend, notification of a terminal illness of another, two of my guys being headhunted and leaving the business and the straw that broken the camel's back: the death of my beloved cat.

My wife took it the hardest but I am happy to say that we went to a rescue centre and had our hearts stolen by not one, but two kittens who were simply adorable. It was wonderful to see my wife smile again though we do miss our cat and nothing can replace her. Now with two kittens, we just get distracted!

The two on the left from a family of four kittens.
Also, I have decided on accepting a challenge and run a marathon in early 2013! I normally run 10 km and cross-country so a marathon is a big deal for me. In fact, if there are any keen runners out there I would be very interested in tips and hints on training plans, equipment and diet suitable for a person of my build and fitness (medium build, regular exercise, regular football and running)?

Now, back to New Eden - what about it? I see that the countdown to Retribution is ticking down. Looking at my calendar, the day it hits the server is most likely the day that I log back in. Been so busy with stuff that I need to plan ahead for game time but the 4th Dec is but weeks away. What am I to expect?
A fix to Bounty Hunting?  - looks interesting and I might even consider improving my sec status...
Crimewatch? - hmmm, I like the kill-rights idea but the flags look a bit confusing
New destroyers? - yes please.
New Tactical GUI update? - oh, really like the tooltips idea but a good pilot should already know the most pertinent facts about their weapons! However, thumbs up for some awesome looking changes

See you all very soon. I can't wait. I just hope I can remember where the undock button is and you know what, I am very excited about it. Almost recapturing the thrill of the first time I logged into Eve, almost 7 years ago...

I will be there when it comes out!

Edit: Realised I used the wrong screen grab!