29 Mar 2010

POS Bashing is Boring and Combined Bastard&Tuskers Roam and BUSHKAZI

Bum Rush!

We assembled a combined Bastard/Tusker fleet - about 22. It started off quite promising with z0de, Arrhi, Amon and Bourreau racing ahead as scouts. They had spotted a pair of missioning cyclones but z0de got de-cloaked and spooked them. We bookmarked the acceleration gate and moved on. One jump later, a cynabal and domi (both SNIGG) were spotted and bravely pointed by z0de in his Lach. We were one jump away but it was a long 50AU jump. We hit the out gate, and warped asap to z0de who was holding on but going down. He tried to get out but had his capacitor neut'ed. He went down just as we arrived and took over point. Cynabal was primary but I ordered some of the fleet to hold off on dps and get ready to jump after the domi as it appeared he was approaching the gate. The cynabal was scrapped but the pilot escaped.

The domi did jump and I and four others followed after it. The domi held cloak for as long as possible and when it expired, the domi raced towards the gate back into Akkio. The bulk of the fleet was left on the other side.

I cycled my warp disruptor and pointed the domi. We took the domi down.

Meanwhile, the missioning cyclones had returned and a small fleet was detached from the main body and went after the cyclones. Only one was caught and promptly destroyed. No one got a chance to ransom them but at least the loot survived.

After collecting all the loot and cooling off our GCCs; the fleet rumbled towards LXQ2-T. A scout was sent through and it was sufficient to scare the camp back into their pos. Next time we will just bum-rush into LXQ2-T, consequences be damned! We used the short-cut into Skarkon where we chased a few ships but failed to get anything.

We had word about a camp near Heild / Bosena so we set course at full speed - scouts reporting back as they raced ahead. The rest of the fleet moved as fast as they could after them. The camp moved as we were three jumps out and seemed to disappear. There was a sniping apoc that looked tempting. I sent Arrhidaeus to tackle it but he got one-volleyed - we missed the camp but killed off a few stragglers: a hurricane, an ishkur, a rupture and a catalyst as we retraced our steps. Just one jump from home, we caught a myrmidon.

Part 2 had RoninData take over as FC and this according to the killboard, looked quite successful too.


1. Need probers.
2. Need more lach or keres (?) for long pointage love.
3. Bum rush into LXQ2-T.
4. No going AFK when in fleet, get off-grid or dock up.
5. K Starwind needs to be in a rook and should not dock up in low-sec in hostile space..

Great fun - more again.


Now, a few days later - I had Vig and z0de approach me with a proposal: there was a large POS that needed to be taken down and they outlined the plan. It was a faction tower, poorly defended and ripe for the taking. We were sure that we could liberate it. POS Bashing is boring. I much prefer roams but sometimes we would need to what is necessary and who can I argue when isk is involved?

We gave ourselves a few days to organise ourselves and pushed out feelers to see if other people would be willing to assist. A decision to go with mainly a BS class POS Bashing fleet was made early: the risk of a hot drop by some of the much bigger entities currently passing through towards the north was too great. We sacrificed speed of POS destruction for a slower but safer option. An Op time, we had Vig rushing around frantically organising the fleet of battle ships and the two dreads we were willing to risk. Poor Vig did a superb job and Starwind stepped in to organise the battle ships. With watch lists updated, overviews primed and haulers ready with cargo-hold full of cap boosters and ammunition, the remote repping battle ship fleet rumbled out.

RR fleets do require tight coordination, communication and awareness. For a well drilled team, it becomes very difficult to destroy a single ship since it gets remotely repaired by their fleet mates. Moving around as a tight ball, the RR fleet is a fearsome entity in any region of space. Of course, it can all go 'Pete Tong' very quickly and I prayed that it would not happen.

We arrived at the POS orbiting moon 3-1 and immediately set upon the Remote sensor dampner tower and the warp disruption batteries before we started on the large guns. The POS's automatic alarms detected our presence and started to lock our ships. However, without human gunners directly the fire, the POS was ineffective at directing it's fire. We started to knock each module's shields down until it automatically went off-line. Then it was onto the tower.

I fired over 4K bane torpedoes while others did similar and it was a slow job but we knew this already. Scouts in neighbouring systems kept an eye for any snoopers that could drop a cyno on us but it was very quiet. After two hours the large POS dropped into reinforced mode: all its systems shut down as it started to burn off its strontium store. Until this fuel ran out, the POS was nigh-on indestructible. It was also shut down - no moon mining or reactions could be carried out. Now was the time to see about a ransom and luckily for us, someone for the corp who had anchored the tower came online and warped straight to the tower. No doubt to see what all the fuss was about. I got into conversation with him and made our intentions known but the response was disappointing: the corp was damn near broke, corp thieves had ripped them off and their CEO had insisted on the tower anchoring and then buggered off.

Well, we were in an empasse and I approached the alliance that sheltered this corp and asked for someone to speak to and I have even less success. However, ever resourceful Viginti had located a director and had managed to get some concessions. No firm details yet but we don't have to destroy the large faction tower, worth about 1b isk and instead could be seeing some financial arrangement being agreed upon.

Still, it is isk but can't say that this is what we're about. I take my hats off to the large capital fleets roaming in null-sec who blob and knock down POS towers. They have the patience of all the saints in the world.

Well, am awaiting for the outcome of Vig's deliberations but am looking forward to a HAC/RECON roam later tonight. I think screaming around space, hunting people and ransoming those we catch is much more fun.


Due to popular demand, The Bastards are planning on an open Bushkashi event to be held soon. Organised by our ever resourceful Persephone Astrid, it will be full of fun, animals and exploding ships. What is there not to love? This event will be a first come, first served basis so if you chaps can form a team of three and you're interested - comment here or drop me or Persephone a line in-game. Donations of prizes and monies also appreciated. General support and feedback welcome.

You can read the first Bastards' Bushkashi event here: http://i-pirate.blogspot.com/2010/03/bushkashi-shield-gank-hurricanes-and.html

Let the game commence.

24 Mar 2010

Cool tool - wordle

Wordle - this is an interesting tool and useful for those who can't be bothered to read a full page. I put the last large post through the tool and this is what I got. Interesting.

17 Mar 2010

Alliance Tournament 8?

Alliance Tournament 8

We've decided to pitch our hat into the ring. There's strong committment and enthusiasm for this tournament. We were on the back-up list for AT7 and participated in AT6, where we memorably killed KIA quite convincingly. It invoked one of the funniest (well to us anyway) quotes, one from Verone who cried out 'it's complete carnage!' Considering no-one had heard of us and had already written us off, we were thrilled. We crashed badly in the next round as our fleet of drakes were pummelled into scrap. Still, awesome fun.

Anyway, AT 8 now looms ahead of us and the rules and format has been further refined, presenting new challenges. I have had a chat with my directors, including the legend known called RoninData and full board support was given. I took it to the membership - presented the plans and was relieved that the overwhelming majority supported the move. There is concern over numbers and activity and we have plans afoot to address this specific issue.

All we need now is a slot; I hear the auction is coming along where some of the places are open to an auction. No idea how much each slot will be but I reckon they will be +2B isk. Fund-raising ideas more than welcome from anyone who reads this blog - going to ask Persephone and TheHermit to think of something fun to do in order to raise some iskies. However, am hearing rumours that we may even have to start probing complexes for isk!

So, if you want to see some genuine low-sec pirates take it to the larger, established alliances in a relatively fair fight - support us and cheer us on.

Anyone cares to donate to the 'Get The Bastards into the Eighth Alliance Tournament Fund without them probing plexes for isk'? Drop me a line.

And oh, I think a cool 5-6 Billion would be nice.

Will it be carnage? Oh I think so....

EVE Blog Banter #16

Welcome to the sixteenth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed to crazykinux@gmail.com. Check out other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

The third Blog Banter of 2010 comes to us from ChainTrap of the Into the unknown with gun and camera EVE Blog. He asks us:
"Eve University turns six years old on March 15th; six years spent helping the new pilots of New Eden gain experience and understanding in a supportive environment. Eve is clearly a complicated game, with a ton to learn, so much that you never stop learning. So, the question is; What do you wish that someone had taken the time to tell you when you were first starting out? Or what have you learned in the interim that you'd like to share with the wider Eve community?"

For me, if I could go back in time to my younger self, I would simply say:

Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid to lose a ship - it is just tin.

Don't be afraid to lose a clone - you're immortal.

Don't be afraid to go outlaw - red and flashy is cool.

Don't be afraid to shoot someone in high-sec - they probably deserved it.

Don't be afraid to try move to somewhere new - that's what jump clones are for.

Don't be afraid of other so-called higher SP characters - it is

the skill of the person behind the avatar that matters.

Don't be afraid that you will be disliked - someone already dislikes you!

Don't be afraid to lose fights - you learn something new each time.

Don't be afraid of a poor kill/death ratio - it's nothing but numbers.

Don't be afraid that a T1 hull means 'noob' - t1 hulls, especially T1 cruiser hulls rock big time.

Don't be afraid to move between corporations - the right one will make all the difference.

Don't be afraid of paying a ransom to a pirate - they need isk too.

Don't be afraid of pirates - they need love and attention too.
Don't be afraid of everything that EVE has to offer you. It is a wild and bumpy ride for sure with mishaps along the way but it is your life and your choices that define your legacy. Don't be afraid to carve this legacy out as you see fit.

List of Participants
    1. CrazyKinux: The Three Pillars of Wisdom
    2. The Elitist: Helping the new guy/gal
    3. Hands Off, My Loots: Nothing Needed
    4. Rantuket: Blog Banter 16
    5. EVE Opportunist: Nooby Cluey
    6. Into the Unknown With Gun and Camera: EVE University
    7. Zero Kelvin: We’re the young ones!
    8. I am Keith Neilson: Set Your Destination
    9. Prano's Journey: Just Like the Very First Time
    10. A Merry Life and a Short One: No Seriously
    11. Yarrbear Tales: Nublet 101
    12. A Mule In EVE: If I only knew
    13. The Planet Risk Show: Dared to be Bold
    14. Diary of a Space Jockey: WTH did I get myself into?!
    15. EVOGANDA: Why?
    16. A Memoir From Space: 16th Blog Banter
    17. Death’s Sweetest Kiss: Who What When Where Why How??
    18. Freebooted: Beyond the Shortcuts
    19. Learning to Fly: Noobing
    20. Caldari Outcast: My First Blog Banter Post!
    21. More to come soon...

    8 Mar 2010

    Bushkashi, Shield Gank Hurricanes and dead cows

    Busy week with a hilarious roam into Etherium Reach in one of our typical shield tanked battle-cruiser fleets and Rae killing a CYNABAL in his rifter. A kill of the year so far with interesting comments in BattleClinic too.

    One of our pilots was celebrating her birthday and it was decided that something special was to be planned.

    Since The Bastards Forum post described the event better than I ever can, I shameless plagarise this from Persephone Astrid..
    What: A brutal sporting event followed by a frigate roam.
    When: Friday 5 March 2010, 2100 EVE time
    Where: Evati
    Who: All Bastards members and Bastards recruits.
    Why: Because you only become officially old once.
    How: First we play bushkashi, then we go on a roam.


    Part 1, Bushkazi Battle: Bushkazi is an ancient game from Afghanistan or thereabouts. In it, the torso of a sheep is used as a ball. Teams of mounted horsemen compete to grab the dead sheep torso and drag it around a pole driven into the sand, and then back into a winner's circle at the other end of the field. While this is going on, the other horsemen may do whatever it takes to stop this happening and to score the goal for themselves. Typically the riders carry whips in their teeth and wear armor. The game is notoriously brutal and serious injury is common.

    Since we lack horses, sheep, and whips, the rules will be slightly modified for New Eden...

    Teams will consist of T1 frigates fitted with T1 modules, T1 ammo and drones, and T1 rigs. The goal will be to snag a cargo container full of livestock using tractor beams, drag it around a marker some distance away, and then drag it back to the starting line. Players may do whatever it takes to accomplish this goal, including destroying the ships of the other players. If the container of livestock is destroyed, play stops, the pilots cease fire and return to the starting line, and a new container of livestock will be placed on the field. If the container of livestock is destroyed five times, nobody wins.*

    No faction, wormhole, officer, T2, or other pricey stuff will be allowed. ECM modules are not allowed, but other EWAR is allowed. Cloaks are not allowed.

    Teams will consist of no more than three pilots, and all the teams will compete at the same time. Sign your team up in this thread. Those who cannot get onto a team will be put together into pickup teams by the event organizer on the day of the event. If a pickup team has only two pilots, then one member of that team may choose to fly a destroyer instead of a frigate. If a player has no teammates at all, they may choose to fly a T1 cruiser instead of a frigate.

    Each member of the winning team will receive a victor's trophy. Every participant will receive a celebratory gift for attending.
    Well, what can I say? I was in a team with TheHermit and Kai. We huddled together around a table and supped beer and leaned in closer to discuss our plans. Kai had an idea.

    "Right this is what we're going to do. Flash - you burn ass close to the livestock can, grab the livestock and swap it with a pint of milk. Keep the cows in your cargohold but tractor the now livestock-less cargo can. Try and finish the circuit. Once you're getting close to the finish line, cut the tractor beam and let the cargo can drift. This should cause some confusion."

    TheHermit, grinning from ear to ear pitched in.

    "We'll be running interference of course and Kai has parked a number of ships in an off-grid safe so he can ship up quickly. No need to dock up you see."

    I nodded to myself considering the plan so far and actually liked it. "That is quite...sneaky."

    Kai continued. "Anyway, once you're close to the finish line just jettison the cows in a new cargo can, tractor it and bring it over the finish line. There and we've won the first round. Done and dusted." Kai sat back with a measure of smugness.

    I took a deep pull on the beer and felt a belch coming along.

    "Okay, what are you two going to do?"

    "Run interference and blow the crap out of the others."

    "Or jam them solid." Added TheHermit.

    I sat back, belched and nodded. It was a good plan and what could go wrong?

    "I like it. Let's do it."

    When the event kicked off, an hour late (a Bastards tradition, starting late that is) - we were all assembled. There were a total of three teams: two teams of three ships and one team of two. The duo had a destroyer making up for the lower number. Persephone had the role of MC and Referee and got us all the starting line.

    We waited, the tension was there.

    Then we were off!

    I gunned the micro warp drive and sped towards the can. My two team mates proceeded to lock up available targets but it appeared that JManZA in his thrasher (he was in the team of two) had attracted the most attention. I was so far, unmolested and arrived at the can. I quickly yanked out the mooing cows and carefully place a pint of milk in their stead. I closed up the can, switched on the tractor beam and started to move towards the middle stake. Already, ships were exploding and capsules zipping past me as they raced for home and for a new ship. As I approached the second can, I realised that I had lost the can. I had got out of range and someone else was pulling it back towards the middle!

    I gunned the ship around the stake and was racing home.

    Meanwhile, I could hear a lot of cursing and confusion as someone discovered that the bushkazi can contained not live bovine stock but a pint of milk instead. This was my cue to jettison out the cows in my cargohold into a new cargo hold and tractor beam them the remaining 2KMs back over the line.

    I announced that we had succeeded. There was much hooting and cheering. Both TheHermit and Kai were also still in their ships. We had won.

    Persephone wasn't too sure. Nor were the opposition. Persephone, on hearing that we had crossed the line ordered a ceasefire. However, one of the team, 'claimed' that they didn't hear the ceasefire command and proceeded to blow me and TheHermit up. Not nice. Anyway, I was still floating around in my capsule when Persephone's Navy comet came up and checked the can and yes, indeed - there were cows in there. A bit bashed about, they had crapped everywhere and were mooing and stomping around but they were indeed the milk producing bovine livestock we recognised.

    Persephone smelt a rat (or a cow pat) and reviewed the video logs. Our hysterical laughing and snide remarks didn't help either.

    It was finally decided that we had someone cheated and that we deserved to get blown up.

    We started again, but unknown to anyone, z0de (a member of the 'other' team of three) had discovered Kai's off-grid safe and his stash of ships. He jumped into the ships and then offlined all the modules. Sneaky bastard. When Kai lost his ship, around the beginning of round 2, he zipped back to his safe and discovered his ship was inoperable. Much hilarity ensued.

    The second round was eventually won by Arri who's team had successfully blown up me, TheHermit and Kai in quick succession.

    The event was over after a frantic 30 minutes of ships colliding into each other, livestock spilling out into space and laughter drowning out any sane conversation in the ventrilo server.

    However, more was to come - we all agreed it was a superb event but Persephone wanted to take a frigate gang on a suicide roam and what did they get? They killed a loki with their rag-tag fleet, ah birthday roams - best roams.