10 May 2012

Skyward Sphere and Solo Tackling on Gates

Is that a hamster?

This is very cool: http://www.ccpgames.com/skywardsphere and well done CCP!

Roam and solo-tackling on gates

Last night we had a little fleet going and just one jump out of Evati, we tangled with Eve Uni. They had ranged out from their low-sec campus in Dudreda and it was too tempting to pass up. The Unistas were smart, hanging around the gates and not initiating any aggression. So they left that last bit to us. We raced in and tried to grab as many of them as possible. However, they all managed to not fire back and jump through. Well, not all of them - one made the mistake of shooting z0de (who wouldn't want to shoot z0de? - joke) and he was promptly tackled, webbed and pummeled into flaming scrap. We lost no-one but had the gate guns hammering away at us. Tsk tsk.

We then turned round and killed an Unista Osprey again on the gate and under sentry gun fire. Yes, we're bullies but what the hell and besides, sentry guns hurt and the global criminal countdown is ANNOYING AS HELL. 

Then it was off towards Kane Rizzel's home in Gusandall and Eifer. We noticed a battle cruiser gang there of x3 hurricanes and x1 harbinger. Cpt Nessaja, an old hand at piracy was also around and we greeted the wily bastard. There were others but z0de volunteered to go in ahead and bait them but we failed to get to z0de when hostilities started and z0de died and we caught nothing. Pity.

We then switched over to a frigate gang and continued racing around low-sec, we shipped down from battle cruisers as we wanted a change. Love the frigate, still nothing like 'em for the cost and versatility. I was in a rifter (of course) and there were a few other rifters, a punisher and Dil'e taranis of doom. I have to say that Dil'e had no fear tackling non-criminals at gates in the speedy little ship; incurring the wrath of the sentry guns and surviving is no easy feat. Guys have balls of steel.

We love pew-pew

An honorable mention to Johnny Twelvebore in his punisher: the infamous 'bleeder' set-up. He too tackled people on gates and suffered sentry fire...and survived. Of course, Johnny's confidence got the better of him and he decided to solo tackle a drake. Or was he himself tackled by a drake at a station? Either way, the plucky little ship exploded in a spectacular fashion.

We also managed to kill an afk kestrel sitting on a gate in low-sec - even podding the poor fool too. It was a target too tempting to pass up!

The night ended with the pirates heading home; not too much loot but plenty of fun was had. Layla and Aaron were both caught and killed by some Sansha ships as part of their incursions: those guys are nasty.