26 Apr 2010

The Bastards and The Ransoms

Yes, your votes and your love for Mynxee!

Give her your time, your love but more importantly - your vote! I think she is one of two pilots who are entering CSM 5 with an almost exclusive low-sec focused agenda. I can't argue with this and support it 100%.

Campaign broadcast over...what else in this post?

Ransoms and isk
Ransoms are still an important part of what we do and I went over our ransom board to get an update and was pleasantly surprised. Here's a snapshot for the month of April and it looks like Persephone Astrid is the leader. She's a patient one I can tell you and when she's got her sights set on you, there's very little you can do to shake her off.

Some readers may also recognise Persephone as the organiser of our first Bushkazi frigate contest and there's now going to be another one organised soon.

Of course, most of us will have a while to catch up with RoninData and Happy San in terms of the total ransoms and the amount of isk from ransoms but with this board, it is hoped that their efforts are recorded and recognised. On our own forum boards, we encourage our pilots to write up accounts of anything noteworthy from either ransoms, ransom attempts or funny talk between them and our customers. Now, I have decided to shamefully steal content from Persephone in one of her recent ransom runs. So take it away Persephone:
So it's late night in Evati, and I'm out in my covops prober looking for trouble as usual. This time the trouble was a mission runner in an Eagle. Since nobody flies Eagles, I had to look it up on the EVE Wiki. I quickly probed him down and took a peek at the spot: there was an acceleration gate with wrecks on the outside, and the Eagle was presumably inside the mission. I docked and got a Drake, just to play it safe.

The first time I landed inside the mission, he was 50 km away. Even so, he was slow to align and I'd lumbered to within 30 km before he warped away. I docked and counted to sixty, then undocked and went right back to the mission.

The second time I landed inside the mission, he was 20 km away, but aligned. He warped before I could lock him. I cursed my luck and docked up, and switched to a Blackbird with all Caldari racial jammers, a long point, and heavy missiles. I undocked and went to the mission.

The third time I landed at the acceleration gate, he was still outside, but near the gate. I quickly warp disrupted him and hit the ECM and missiles. I was about 15 km from him, and he began to burn away. Startlingly, he outran me on afterburner by about 100 m/s, and I could not keep up, even overheated. (AB fit for inside the mission, you know?) After getting clear of my overheated 24 km point range, he escaped again.

I decided to try yet another tactic. I convoed him:

Persephone Astrid > Hi there!
Sin SoLeXX > yo
Persephone Astrid > For five million ISK I'll not camp your mission in a covops. Instead I will log off and get some sleep.
Sin SoLeXX > psh
Sin SoLeXX > it's not that important lol

I thought five million was a bargain. Oh well. Since he was determined to run the mission, I was determined to get him no matter what. About that time Zemledok logged on, and he volunteered to camp the landing spot inside the mission in a Curse. We quickly formed a fleet, he warped to me and went into the mission, and I warped away to hide.

Not twenty seconds later, he announced on Vent that the Eagle had landed atop him, and that he had three points on him and was neuting him for good measure. I quickly returned and laid on some ECM just to be mean. I invited him to Yarrsom:

Persephone Astrid > Hi! We're pirates
Sin SoLeXX > ?
Persephone Astrid > We'd like to discuss the value of your ship now.
Sin SoLeXX > o
Sin SoLeXX > lol
Sin SoLeXX > you are wasting my time
Sin SoLeXX > what do you want
Persephone Astrid > Money, say 50 million ISK
Sin SoLeXX > will you go and leave you are annoying
Persephone Astrid > Of course we will. Our reputation is built on honoring ransoms.
Persephone Astrid > http://www.the-bastards.com <-- our site

(*my wallet blinks*)

Sin SoLeXX > k bye
Persephone Astrid > Have a good mission!

Zemledok and I split the 50 million ISK and laughed all the way home. :giggle:
Persistence paid off handsomely.

Nashh has stepped up in his efforts as one of our Euro Time Zone recruiters with a timely reminder. Be sure to pay his site a visit.

Alliance Tournament news
Well the signups have closed and we've paid our 2B isk and we're waiting like everyone else. The auction for eight of the remaining slots was NOT run, it looked like there wasn't enough takers for this one? Am unsure what this means but it could indicate a lower than expected turnout than last time?

Anyway, we've been theory crafting and working together (as much as possible) in joint-ops. I see a fair few Tuskers alongside our own pilots on our KillBoards lately and vice-versa. This is a good thing. There are only slight (but distinct) differences between our corporations and it is interesting to see how we have been working together. It bodes well if (when!) we get our place confirmed on the AT list of 32.