20 Apr 2010

Alliance Tournament 8 - we've signed up

Have been busy with 1000 things but The Bastards and The Tuskers linked up for the purposes of the Alliance Tourney and we've signed up and handed over our 2B Isk.

Fingers crossed!

I have kept the blog post a bit quiet as I wanted to keep the project under wraps but with our monies handed over and the cut-off point for new teams/alliances now over - I feel that one can talk more openly about the AT.

The Bastards entered AT6 and had a blast and it was our intention to re-try in AT7; we were on the back-up list and was called to step in to replace an empty slot but it was very last minute (less than an hour!) so we reluctantly had to accept our spectator status. This time around, we're hopeful that we can get a drawn slot. Am unsure of any pirate alliance signing up apart from us and The Jerk Cartel (Python Cartel of Spectre and Golden Helmet fame) so some pirate teams would be a welcome addition to the AT. Certainly, if we get in we will be trying very hard to ransom our opponents!

I have much more to say but if there are any well wishers out there, keep your fingers crossed and wish The Tusker Bastards a place in the Alliance Tournament. I promise you, if (when) we get in - we have a number of surprises.