27 Mar 2009

LOL - We suck big time, apparently.

I posted about our war with GIS and friends here and was not expecting a lengthy comment. However, I did get an interesting reply that warranted a post. I wanted to answer and clarify my points in the original blog post as well as refuting and countering some of the misconceptions in the reply. I doubt very much whether any active pilot from Com-Star posted the particular comment, which I have included below. They've proved to be good pilots and we haven't seen any major whining from them. Also, I don't suspect it is an active GIS pilot either - while Com-S are the better PvP corporation; GIS can bring the numbers too and have spanked us in the past. However, if I am wrong, then fair enough.

Finally, if there are any factual errors in any post, then please send me an evemail and I will correct. Now to the comment:

From Anonymous:

GIS et al: rich businessmen/soldiers used to fly expensive and effective equipment in elaborated teamplay.

BASTERDS and Tussies: poor sobs who only can fight and tune their efficiency by being killed almost daily in cheapmost frigates whilst killing some carebear's hulk or some lone soldier in his 20 times more expensive t2/faction/officer equipped ship.

Have you ever seen them flying in frigs except interceptors before ? Well, seing them flying in cheap shit like you now shouldn't be the best message for you. They are learning and they are teamplayers. Definitely not good for you in the long run.

Counting in that carebear ally in business with GIS is cheap and somewhat dishonest on your behalf.

See their Killboards and you see who is trained soldier and who is a easily killable stupid carebear?

Nothing more easy to kill a Hulk/Mackinaw to polish your KB-"Efficiency" when the only thing you obviously can afford to fly is a worthless frig. Naturally they'd have to kill hundreds of your frigs 3only to break even with one single Hulk-Kill on your side.
So your "efficiency" is just a worthless number. Taking Shipkills, you obviously are not a match for the Comstar Elite Squad and not even for those GIS-Folks only getting some score with carebears and it would be a real shame for you if you wouldn't even be able to get at least some score with carebears.

Now lets get to the point:
- Can you win against them ? Obviously not.
- Can you seriously harm their business ?
Obviously not.
- Can you really fight them soldiers ? Obviously not seriously.
- Can you fight them carebears ? Silly question - you are pirates, aren't you ? It would be a shame if you even can't match some carebears in their hulks.

Since there is nothing, really absolutely nothing for you to gain, what will you get ?
- Some nice Hulk-Kills
- Some Kills of some unlucky striders of them
- Being docked on station the rest of the day as soon as there is more then one guy of them in your local.
- Being killed all the time in cheap beginners frigs as soon as you cross their roads.

Sounds like a dumb Looser's Job.

Gratulations !

Friday, March 20, 2009 11:27:00 PM by A FanBoi.

Well indeed you have said your piece. I kept your spelling mistakes in the post as English isn't your first language so you are forgiven. At the risk of feeding this troll let me comment:

1. You seem to show an alarming lack of respect for your 'stupid killable carebear' corp mates. Am sure they feel quite happy that you have shown such disdain for their way of playing. If they're out mining; shouldn't you be trying to run escort for them?

2. Seeing our opponents fly in cheaper and cheaper ships doesn't alarm us. Why should it? We decided to fly T1 frigates because they are cheap and effective and were more than enough to take down more expensive T2 hulls. I don't think this will change at all. We'll just be killing T1 hulls instead and it will be easier.

3. Soldiers? Don't make me laugh.

4. Don't embarrass Com-Star any further by calling them the 'Com-star elite squad'. They're very good pilots and brave too but your brown-nosing only makes other people laugh at them.

5. We love to kill more hulks and if we lose a few frigates doing it, does it matter? It's about the isk and we don't have as much isk as GIS and friends. We fly cheap to kill expensive. We're happy and you are happy and the world continues to turn.

6. Do you even realise what our goal is? The war-dec was simply done to enable us to tackle and fire upon certain corporations without sentry gun interference. That's it. The war-declaration isn't a solemn contract at forcing GIS and friends to leave their or anything grandiose. The war-declaration is a bribe to the police to look the other way when we have the opportunity to shoot them.

7. We haven't yet declared war on the other killable care bears (as you call them) because we can't be bothered and they're well, killable. GIS and Com-S are the main players that we want to take on and we don't want sentry guns stopping us. They are active and numerous. It is hard enough as it is, for us, with their superior numbers without sentry guns against us as well.

8. Less of the holier than thou please - GIS and friends are allied with many who are classed as outlaws and pirates. You can't get to -10 just by ratting.

9. We are online most of the time and we don't dock up in fear when we see one war target appear in local as we know for sure that there is a much bigger bunch one jump away. It's how they play, no big deal with that and we know the score. We just avoid them and get on with piracy until a better opportunity appears.

10. You don't get it. We're here to shoot and kill people when the opportunity arises. We're having fun and if they're having fun as well - then all power to you.

Let the war continue.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see, you've read the post and yes, I'm not natively english speaking though some of my spelling errors come from lousy spellchecking on my behalf.

Let's say, my first post was there to provoke a response and thus it reached its goal.

I came to the conclusion, you know your business and the fights are fun for both sides, I believe.

Both sides could see each other as good sparring partners (enemies). Since one party sits in Evati and the other in Egmar there is only a short route to action for both sides.

Each one can send ships into the other one's territory and play with the local gang, eventually scoring a kill or be killed smiling.

This is not like attacking an obvious bait in Amamake and Counterblobbing the Antipirates.
This is no blobbing with huge fleets, this is small scale fight, personal fight, this is personally and cool.

Btw. what's loosing a frig ? It's fly's shit financially. You can earn up to 60Million ISK by doing a single Level IV-Mission with your Missionrunner-Alt and you can have hours of fun with a bunch of 1/2 Million ISK Frigs for that money.

You had a good headstart by getting one or two guys on a wrong foot indeed. Subtracting that kill and we see, both enemy parties don't send gifts to each other anymore.

Keep up your good work and keep fighting !

P.S. You should never ever try to ransom my char when he eventually crosses your roads. He will not pay, no matter how expensive his ship or its freight is ! Ransom is for wimps !

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Interesting I must say.

Milo Caman said...

Also: Since when have T1 Frigates been worthless? You can afford to lose them, and a gang will devastate... well, just about anything.

Darth said...

Anonymous: at least have the courage of posting with your ingame name. Otherwise, everyone thinks GIS and friends are pussies. No obvious bait? Since when doesn't GIS and friends NEVER bait?

I say bullshit.

And the pirates don't mission; they are pirates. Geddit?

Also, checking the killboards, they're still killing your T2 hulls with their T1. You're all fags.

Raelyf said...

@ Anon

Please post with your name, particularly if your going to make comments like "P.S. You should never ever try to ransom my char when he eventually crosses your roads. He will not pay, no matter how expensive his ship or its freight is ! Ransom is for wimps !".

In any case, I do appreciate the retraction of some of the hostility, though I also want to clear up a few things. Number one, I make all my isk through piracy - so do most members of the corp. It's not so important a detail, but I take pride in it, as do many, so I wanted to clear that up.

My other point is comes from this: "
This is not like attacking an obvious bait in Amamake and Counterblobbing the Antipirates.
This is no blobbing with huge fleets, this is small scale fight, personal fight, this is personally and cool."

Let's speak frank - bait in blob is the name of your game, and your killboard reflects it. How you play is your business, and obviously it is very effective so I can't fault you for it; but there it is. You've even brought in unaffiliated bait ships and used super-tanked cyno lighting recons for just this purpose.


Muhaar said...

Who gives a flying fuck about who's 'elite' and whos flying what? Seeing someone take the time to whine so extensively makes me think you guys hit the sweet spot. Go Bastards! :P

Anonymous said...

As far as i know that poster is none of my people.

If he will be one of my people, than he is not representing the point of few of the GIS-Corp.

Most of my Pilots pay respect to your way of warefare.

so, fly save, get some nice kills, but we try to get more *g*


Coochie said...

Yeah it would be interesting to know who that anon guy is. Cause the attitude displayed in local between corps has at least mostly not been of the kind to warrant that original post. Fights might have been dirty at times but not the attitude between corps. Well a few exceptions, everyone loose their head sometime, and all corps have their rotten eggs in them :D Much respect Tikka


Stephen Grey said...

His whole slant against t1 frigs is rather humorous-- it implies the exact opposite from what he's trying to say.

Fact: Flying expensive ships basically requires an income source aside from PVP.

Fact: T2 ships have some degree of advantage against T1 ships. In some cases this advantage is extreme.

Therefore, it's not necessarily the case that T2 pilots are somehow superior in skill to T1 frig pilots...

Joshua P said...

Love this blog Flash and can I add my piece? That original post showed everyone what faggots GIS and Com-Star really are. They don't get it do they?

I and my alliance have set these fags to red and I hope they come into our neck of the woods (Forge) to play.

Comstar elite squad? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


RodneyStar said...

some backwards talk by anon. Please post your mains name :(. Respect to tikka - My sentiments matched. How about GIS pay for the war dec next week? game on!