24 Nov 2008

EVE Pirate Blog Speed-linking November 2008

November 2008 New Eden Pirate Blog Round Up.
As you all know, there's more and more blogs out there and difficult to keep track of. The speedlinking below includes only recently updated pirate based blogs. Manasi and Ombey, as much as I love them both don't feature in this list unless they have done something 'naughty'. CrazyKinux however, has most, if not all other non-pirate blogs covered.

I did notice something quite interesting: it does appear that at least five pirate bloggers are with The Bastards now and fly together on a regular basis. With the two regular Hellcats (Mynxee and Shae Tiann) flying with the Bastards on a regular basis as well; that's seven pirate bloggers all flying together. Good times indeed and readers can expect plenty of output.

Now, to the Blogs and recent entries as of 14-24th November 2008......
  • Not all blogs are our own recounting of ransoms and kills; we have some very talented writers too and Thicker than Blood: Chapter One by one of my favourite lady pirates, Shae Tiann, is an atmospheric and tightly-written piece of work. Recommended reading by pirates and non-pirates alike. However, her post on frigate swarm is a fun recounting of the same mad-cap action that I was involved in. It's aptly called 'It's only a blob is you die'. Indeed it is. Oh, just realised that Shae has now Thicker than Blood: Chapter Two up and available. Now get your ass over to her blog.
  • While I only play EVE-Online, I do like to keep abreast of other games and Havohej goes one further and carries on the pirate antics in Pirates of the Burning Sea MMORPG with a nice article on the Deliverance Heavy Frigate and the the Tiger Sleek Frigate. Like I said, I don't inhabit any other universe apart from New Eden but PotBS looks fascinating. Real wet navy yarrage.
  • Mynxee and some of her Hellcats have been flying with us and her blog entries has always been a great read. I love this one about how aspiring bloggers can add some love to their blog. A wonderful article and I highly recommend it. Additional to thought provoking ones, we have a tale of busting mission and exploration runners here and Mynxee's own recollection of our frigate swarm in her post: Tiny HoofBeats from hell, is a nice read. By the time you read this, Mynxee should also be on her 100 or 101st Blog post. Happy Blogging Mynxee!!
  • Pirates are people too and Wensley celebrates his birthday. Pop over to his page and say hi. I did and so should you, dear reader. However, what about tales of yarrage and mayhem? Well, his pirate corporation, the Tuskers is growing stronger day by day and Wes gives a nice update on them.
  • Specre3353 has now joined The Bastards and for a time was top of our killboard. Such a bad boy and check out his picture of a baby sandwich, in all seriousness - he is a superb pilot and a wonderful addition to our group. This entry has the tale of an ejecting pilot who had his ship ransomed back to him for a cool 200 million isk; a result in anyone's books. He also has some words about those who are cocky as well as his much prepared hiatus from New Eden. Come back soon Spectre3353!!
  • With the recent changes in Quantum Rise; there have been many reactions - San Rintu pens a few, well written paragraphs on the Assault Frigate class ship, much neglected but now being shown some love. Of course, he also chats about the infamous FC'ing cow.....read it here.
  • Marleus, from Iron Fleet makes a welcome return to the pirate blogsphere with a post informing us that Iron Fleet are now in the same alliance as Suddenly Ninjas, a bunch of pilots who, well - 'acquire' your loot and wrecks. I think it can be best summed up as 'we're cloaked and we're in YOUR mission.' Indeed, now all mission and complex runners, be afraid. Tchell Dahhn's manifesto is here for all to see and to understand their position.
  • Another corp mate of mine, Hallan Turrek, drops in a thoughtful post of 'what is the point?' - indeed; but there is a point isn't there? However, Hallan (like Shae) is also a fine fiction writer and please, please check the first in what I hope to be a superb installment: 'Death in the Family: Chapter 1'. His latest post is aptly titled 'It ain't suicide if you live.' - which Hallan has proven time and time again when he throws his rifter into absolutely crazy odds. Love that man.
  • Not forgetting another female pilot of a pirate-like persuasion is Super Gamer House Wife, didn't realised she was part of the Ninja Pirates, but an enjoyable read.
  • Now, a myrmidon is a mighty battle cruiser and Ka Jolo, a pirate of much renown regales us with his ship kill in this vessel and an enjoyable tale of revenge on Furb Killer. While his latest blog post; he explains that as CEO - it isn't all pew-pew and the sound of isk.
  • I haven't heard much from Kane Rizzel during the months of Oct and early Nov as he had taken some much needed time off from being plugged into his various ships of doom but I hoped he kept up with news and we were all looking forward to his return......and speak of the devil - Guess who is back? also, since this entry Kane has been getting his teeth into many a foe and Rifter GoGoGo post epitomises Kane's professionalism and skill as a solo pirate. He's back and he's still the best.
  • Anders has a tale to tell on his recent trip to Iceland and the fanfest. The Bastards are already talking about going to Fanfest 2009. I can't wait.
  • OK OK - Manasi isn't a pirate but his post on over-view settings had to be linked here 'cause it is cool, so useful and damn well written.
New Pirate blogs ( well new to me!)
  • Biz Quick, a pirate from Molden Heath has some great RL news here.
  • BlackHeart, another new pirate in New Eden tries to get her head around the scanner in her latest musings. I wonder if she is a candidate for the Hellcats?
  • Cussbeard was an applicant to The Bastards but switched to learn more with the much respected EVE University. We hope to see him in space once he has graduated. In his latest post, he talks about Alienhand and his tunes.


Anonymous said...

HAHA I killed a sh*t eating dog before it found you pirates does that count? LOL thanks for the mention(or lack thereof) most esteemed pirate, may your sabre never rust!

AlansJourney said...

You forgot me. :p

Where do you fly? I'll come and visit.

*evil chuckle*

Anonymous said...

@Manasi - Actually, it does!

@Black Claw - sorry! We're in Evati area (Heimater/Metropolis)

Carole Pivarnik said...

Love your pirate speedlinks. Thanks for including me! ♥ Another vote for Black Claw here.

We really need to work on dear Ombey...get him over to the dark side.

Anonymous said...

Nice cap on the blog roll. Sure is a hell of a lot o' yarrage out there to write home and read about.

Spectre said...

You make me blush.

Hallan Turrek said...

Heh, I appreciate the linkage and always enjoy readin' your posts.


Ivanneth Maethor said...

Aww, thanks for the plug, hon ^_^ *scuffs toe shyly* I just can't stop writing when the Muse hits me with the ClueBat.

Anonymous said...

Bah!! I do something 'naughty' every day.

Technically, if piracy is killing people in belts/ gates who don't really want to fight you, then that is what we are doing out in 0.0. We just don't get sec-hits :-P

@Mynxee, the day will come, I can feel it boiling up inside me like a geyser....

Carole Pivarnik said...

@Ombey: Technically it somehow just doesn't seem the same. Flashy style is flashy. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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