10 Sept 2008

EVE Pirate Speedlinking

I love to read what other pirates are doing so here's a run down of some funny pirate stories that I have read as well as a recap on some other entries. Crazykinux does a great job with an overall speed-linked update but for specific pirate content? Well, hope this effort of mine helps! I know my good friend Votrian is doing something similar for explorers like himself.

  • Kane Rizzel. One of the best solo pirates in New Eden. Mission running locals avoid him like the black death. Holder of a recognised speed record in New Eden (will find the link) and a friend and respected pilot to me and others, has hit a milestone: 1000 kills.Congratulations. Hop over to his blog and check out his cool tattoo..
  • Your money or your life is a well-written blog by Ka Jolo, a pirate of some standing. He talks about the etiquette of the 'GF' we all write in local, whether you've just had your ass handed to you or did some killing yourself.
  • EVE Newb (not a noob to be honest) in a classic encounter against x3 battleships versus his inty, a cruiser and a frigate. They kicked ass, the entry is quite recent so read it while it's still smoking. Plenty of chat and post on the eve-forums too.
  • Justice in the Dark Universe is Cid Drakir's account of how he turned the tables on an idiot. Cid isn't a pirate but the story was too good to be excluded.
  • I love salvaging stuff in space and Ironfleet have made it their own. A fun tale of sneaking in, stealing a can from a miner and then high-tailing it out of there...while the miner is completely unaware! They'll take anything not nailed down to a planet. I love it.
  • Mynxee updates us all on her comings and goings in low-sec. I agree, sall cyno-ships must die.


Carole Pivarnik said...

Great idea...thanks for including me! Cid Drakir's story is great fun from every angle. Loved it.

*Mynxee raises a toast to all the pirates of EVE!

Spectre said...

How dare you imply that I am not a newb.

CrazyKinux said...

Included in this weeks Speedlinking!

Helicity Boson said...

Yeah, how dare you imply spectre is not a newb! (even though he isn't... the noob just doesn't know it)


Anonymous said...

Spectre, you're not a noob or newb, not in my book.

Anonymous said...

Crud. I can't even spell my own name. Now who is the noob?