20 Apr 2012

Inferno? Nice stuff....

I couldn't attend Fanfest this year but it looked fantastic. Been watching the Spring/Summer 2012 Release Overview with Jon Lander and I have to admit it looks quite exciting. However, am waiting for it to hit tranquility before I deal with it. So after a three-week break, I came back suitably refreshed and eager for action. I formed a fleet of about a dozen blood thirsty pirates and away we went - my in our corp-issued lachesis and the rest of the fleet made up of hurricanes and drakes. Marco Drack had to be different and came in a broadsword but to be honest, that would make super bait.

Plenty of traffic around but without a dedicated prober or scout (shame on you Flash for not organizing it!!) we relied on either z0de or Marco to entice targets to them. The start was encouraging: a tornado loitering with friends in low-sec. We then caught a hurricane after his friends fled, another hurricane and....another hurricane. Each time, we failed to catch the rest of this friends - I obviously fail in the lachesis but I think I miss BracerKirk and his insta-locking arazu.

Last night had me fly about 46 jumps in total just to witness the destruction of a friendly fleet - I escorted the unlucky pilots home! More happening this weekend but back to work for me however, I am eagerly waiting for the next installments so roll on the 24th April!