10 Feb 2012

Roaming fleets - I love them and WTF is a COCKROACH?

The Low Sec Roam
We undocked into our local space and the Sansha incursion was still there - hanging around gates became a very bad idea as these chaps could hit HARD. Local was at an usual high of 60+ and a check scan revealed a fleet from the Volition Cult in their huginns and scimitars. SniggWaffe came in and chased them off while we were still getting ready. Snigg then got bored and also left the scene; meanwhile a sizeable Sicarius fleet went into Hagilur no doubt to do battle with a smaller fleet made up with pilots from the 'Something Posing as meat' alliance. Then there was the presence of Eve-University in Hagilur too. Yes, quite a typical night in this neck of Metropolis.

All in all, I knew something would kick off somewhere. We lept in to impose ourselves onto the local scene but we couldn't get anything useful. Man, I do miss Max and his stiletto in these times. We were too slow to cross the distance and the fight had petered out by the time we arrived. It wasn't all bad luck, z0de managed to kill a caracal in his paper thing brutix and we also snagged a Celestis; both with Eve-Uni. This then kicked off a some sort of hunt where Eve-Uni, The Fendalian Collective and Sicarius (shame on them, all flashy and criminal) joined up to camp the gates blocking our exit route back to Evati. Sicarius should be fighting Eve-Uni and The Fendalian collective since I thought they are pirates! There was chatter that leaked out into local from the Fenders:


Then followed by:

"Sorry, your flashiness scared us."

Yes, that is what happens when you have criminals in your midst. The overview can be distracting, just invite them into fleet. Anyway, we moved deeper into the Hagilur pocket looking for more targets. If people wanted us, they will have to find us. Camping gates is one of the most boring activities around and I was sure that people would just get bored - thereby offering us an opening. Eve-Uni for most of this time stayed docked up, poking their heads out only occasionally before ducking back in. We rolled around Ansen, Arwa etc before we decided it was time to leave. I checked with my scouts and sure enough, the exit gate was now cleared, the carebear camp lasted no more than 15 minutes. We moved through. Just as we emerged into the familiar Evati star filled sky, another one of my scouts informed me that a pirate fleet had come in through Thelan and had jumped into another camp!

So we raced back and only managed to get a few scraps. However, a man has to eat so we were grateful for the meagre morsels. We the moved around again into the outskirts of The Forge when we spied a megathron and friends, we jumped in and killed them only for a third fleet come piling in. We killed their stealth bomber and made a hasty withdrawal. All the while enduring some silly smack from the newcomers. They were awfully confused mistaking us as members of yet another fleet of pirates next door and calling us out for running away.

Anyway, no worries from us as we were quite chill with kills and loot aplenty. We docked up and rested, some pirates leaving their ship hangars to deal with other business while new pirates, fresh from resting came on board. The Bastards' are more active now (though with the occasional quiet day) and this can only be good for us as an organisation.

The remaining week had us messing about with bubbles in null-sec, some gate camping and more roaming fleets. As pirates, we tend to fly with whatever and whoever so plenty of solo and duo-fleets head out from Evati. Not for us where no-one undocks unless there's a fleet of 50+ with logistical support! Hell no, we're pirates and we have to eat so we go with what we have!

It just so happened that BracerKirk and Tibbs on one of these roams spotted and killed something....amazing. I don't even know what it is or why it was sitting where it was at but am going to give them each a medal.

Please look at the kill of a CCP 'Cockroach' and the 'enigma' loot.


The Kill has been API Verified now. It is genuine so please, refrain from accusing The Bastards of faking killmails.


Well done gents, well done!