17 Apr 2012

Rolling around low-sec, an engagement with Eve-Uni and the new skill plan?

I took a three week break for some vacation and work related travels and now back in New Eden. I had a list of other matters to attend to but then, my main PC (a lovely shiny new 64-bit machine) refused to boot. I blamed the spanking new SSD I had installed. Anyway, plenty of fiddling and I finally decided to reinstall the whole OS. Should be back online tonight.

However, before I left, me and the Bastards had been busy.

I had been reading one of the DevBlogs on the revamp to ships and I am sitting back a bit stunned and breathless. All I can say to anyone is: train Battlecruiser V and Destroyer V! I have already invested a lot of time into these two skills so I wonder what I can get back in return? A few million SPs would be nice, I can then chuck them towards some capital based skills that I haven't bothered to look at or maybe even some leadership based ones. Still, this has generated a massive threadnaught and I sat on the fence looking on in interest.

Still, I do like the ship tree diagram and will print it out as a poster and stick it on the wall!

Something else caught my eye: featured on latest E-ON magazine were The Bastards! I remember having a chat with Zapatero a while back, little did I know he was busy scrawling notes about us ready for an article. Now, I have a copy but am unsure if it will break any copyright if I scanned it and posted it here. Suffice it to say, the article was snappy and to the point. I like it.

Rolling around low-sec
One of the main reasons why I have been too busy to blog is that our section of New Eden has seen a massive upsurge in activity in the European timezone. We have mainly fleets ranging from 5 - 50 in number moving around spoiling for a fight. Am seeing a fair few tier-3 only fleets, the more traditional shield drake & logistics fleet to an effective myrmidon and guardian fleet the other night. Not to forget, the usual kitchen sink Eve-Uni fleets. So, whenever I have time from my busy work; I join up with fleets and fly around; hunting, shooting and ransoming people. So please forgive me if I am too busy to post. I should really tweet shouldn't I?