23 Apr 2012

Pirates ahoy!

Pirates taking a group photo - check out the 'tanker' pirate. 
One of the many things I love about Eve and piracy specifically are the people one meets over time and how these relationships can be fruitfully utilised. Last night, Marco and I were online and chatting and I was exhausted, mentally and physically from a 60+ jump in my pod. I had located a jump-clone of mine and decided to bring it closer to my main area of operations. For those who know, this is the Metropolis / Heimater / Molden Heath area. So, I decided to dock up, settle my affairs for the night and activate the jump clone.  The last thought through my head as I drifted off to sleep was: where is that station? I don't recognise the name..

Well, I woke up in a dingy station out somewhere in null-sec. There was no attendant to hand me a towel or offer me the use of the shower facilities. After bumbling around I realised that somehow, I was in null-sec space and that I had to pod race all the way back to low-sec space. The journey was rather 'interesting' though I did avoid dying. I finally got back to low-sec only long enough to switch again to a my clone in Evati and race towards Molden Heath to assist some fellow pirates from Gunpoint Diplomacy and friends on tackling a bhaalgorn class ship and friends from the 'House of Cards' alliance. For such shiny ships, I had to assist. To my delight, I realised that the commander of the fleet was 'Dirty Protagonist' - a chap I know from the past; adding to the fun was the presence of Venom Orchid, that minx of piracy and profanity and whom Marco I knew would flirt with as he too was racing towards Molden Heath in his curse.

Anyway, I arrived too late to catch the bhaalgorn but managed to tackle an abaddon whom had blundered into the fight. I looked like Gunpoint had a few frigates out around one of their own custom offices and that the small zippy craft was tempting enough for The House of Cards alliance to drop in on them with something big and heavy. In this case, led by their Bhaalgorn class battle ship. They also had a few  cruisers and frigates for the engagement from what I can be seen on the killboards.

Even more fun, even in my wee' old claw, I managed to grab and point two rupture class cruisers on a gate (and survive the snetry guns) before heading back home. I said my good byes to the Gunpoint chaps and promised that if they needed some extra bodies (sweaty, smelly, unwashed pirate bodies that it) then all they had to do was ask and The Bastards would come calling. We used to roam around Molden Heath but since Metropolis and Heimater had gotten busier, we had neglected this route. I think it is time to park some resources close by so that we can better assist our fellow pirates.

This is the beauty of it: on slow days, we would no doubt joust with each other - no quarter asked or given but when opportunity knocks, us pirates set aside our (admittedly small) differences and gang up on some interloper. None of the rather more involved diplomatic standings etc.

Anyway, a shout out to Dirty Protagonist, Venom Orchid, Crefakis, Pere et al. Pleasure flying with you all and I look forward to more.