23 Dec 2010

Merry christmas and drunken roam coming up - open to those interested.

Christmas is a time when activity for some goes down as pilots from all professions emerge from the amniotic goo of their pods, blinking like new-born calves and head off home to family and friends. So, I just want to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Of course, this post isn't just me signing off but also to pass out an invite to any reader who would be interested in flying space ships, drunk with some pirates. Indeed, I believe we can call ourselves 'Santa Pirates' or 'Pirate Santas' or even, Pirating Santa as below:

Pirates grab Santa Claus

Anyway, this is an open invite to any reader who would like to relax and lose their sec status while getting drunk with The Bastards.

Details below:


Date: TUESDAY, 28 DEC 2010
Time: 21:15 EVE TIME
Form Up time: 20:15 EVE TIME
Location: Will be sent to those interested in due course...
Route: TBD - but all over the place no doubt...
Duration: Until we run out of ships or the FC collapses from too much alcohol

Aim: Crazily fitted T1 frigate/cruiser roam around low-sec and null-sec; it will end when we have no ships left in the fleet (or we fall off our chairs).

We are to have fun, drink and be merry. Emphasis on the drink and merry bit.
OMG Whiskey!

It will be the post christmas period where one will still be eating the leftover turkey / ham / goose. Most of us will be feeling the effects. What better way than to overcome this than to undock in a fleet of ships piloted by people who feel just as bloated, ill and still hungover?

Combining this with our love of music, the format will include desert island discs, albeit a slightly inebriated version. One can't see Libby Purves being pissed doing this can you on Radio 4? Well we are!

Everyone read the requirements carefully.


++FUN post-Christmas roam, no sad faces!!++

1. Join the in-game channel 'INDEPENDENCE' for details and fleet pick up on the day.
2. Any T1 frigate/cruiser fitted out with whatever you want.
3. Yes, fit a rupture with lasers if you want.
4. Or a thorax with arties and missiles.
5. Or a rifter with a cruiser sized weapon.
6. Or bring a Celestis.
7. Mix your weapon systems. Why? because we can and that's how we roll.
8. Points required of course, we can't have people running away.
Pirate force someone to drink to excess
9. We each drink a shot of spirits (or beer) every half hour during the roam and after each ship kill and after each ship loss and for every ransom.
10. Aim is to see who can stay up for the longest.
11. Music is required, so I want people to put together 8 (eight) tracks that they reckon are the dogs bollocks. An essential to everyone's collection. It is your desert island discs and you're drunk anyway, so pick what you want. We will try and play them on the night - so get your music onto a playlist in youtube or whatever.
12. Needs to be frapsed with some vent recordings as well.
13. If you decide to fit a stab (why not?) then you have to say 'STABBED!' in local, take a shot of alcohol and then RUN like the wuss you are when you get tackled. If you do this and get smack - everyone else will need to take a shot on your behalf.
14. Any other rules that the FC wants to make up...

Interested? Then contact us using the one of the following methods:

1. Post a comment here.
2. Contact me on flashfresh@the-bastards.com
3. Contact TheHermit on thehermit@the-bastards.com

4. Contact me or TheHermit ingame via conversation or evemail

Go on, it will be fun.