15 Dec 2010

LOL kill of a falcon in high-sec, on a gate. No-one is safe...

"Hey Flash, there's what looks life an AFK Falcon just sitting on the gate." Observed TheHermit. The Bastards had gathered together from our various travels and we were debating what to do. A falcon, sitting on a gate in high-sec all on its own?

Additionally, there was an obelisk sitting there as well. Both ships hung motionless about 12-13km from the gate into the Stacmon system.

Since the system was high-sec we had little chance to get into the system and ransom his ship but a quick, cheeky kill perhaps?

We quickly formed a plan: destroyers would be the ship of choice due to their low cost, high alpha and speed and we had about 11 pirates all ready to go. We were already roaming around killing and (trying) ransoming people but this was too good an opportunity to pass. We parked one of our cloaked scouts close to the falcon and kept an eye on him. The scout reported back that the falcon was not aligned, had zero velocity and there was no communication activity in local or otherwise.

The destroyers were quickly assembled, loaded up with enough ammunition for three volleys - any more and CONCORD would be on your ass and you would be jammed, neuted and killed so no need for more ammunition. The pilots then all raced to their pods and once inserted into the destroyers, signalled their readiness with docking clamps disengaged and their jostling for the exit point.

So, our scout reported that the falcon was still there and with a countdown - we undocked into high security space. Warning signs flashed up demanding that we leave the system due our criminal status but we politely dismissed them and sped our way to the hidden scout. We had to be fast, so soon as we dropped out of warp, we would lock the falcon and volley it before CONCORD drops on us. At most we would have two maybe three seconds to kill the ship. Hence, we needed numbers. Getting the pod killed would be a bonus too.

The ships computer counted down the range and I mentally readied myself as I have less than seven seconds left before dropping warp.

Six seconds. I pre-activated all my guns.

Five seconds. I overloaded the entire rack of guns.

Four seconds. I switched my overview to one that had ships only.

Three seconds. I hit the scanner to make sure that the target was still present.

Two seconds. I started to grin.

One second. My grin got bigger.

All 12 destroyers dropped out of warp and we all locked and volleyed the falcon. A dozen voices overlaid themselves across our communication net.

"Hermit has point. Firing."

"Selendris has point. Firing."

"Red Vegas is firing."  Etc.

A mix of small artillery and blasters spat out a devastating volley of destructive ordnance. My overview exploded with CONCORD ships appearing on top of us. On the overview, the falcon dipped into armour and before I could observe any further - I was jammed and then violently separated from my ship. CONCORD's superior weapons wiping out our entire party.

The falcon was down however! We cheered especially when we saw the drop - more than enough to pay for our destroyed fleet and then some; though it was sad to lose the sisters probe launcher. Now, most people would be unimpressed with the kill - he was obviously AFK and therefore couldn't defend himself but keep in mind that everyone in our party was -5.0 or lower in terms of security status and we were in high-security space; thus faction police would be trying their hardest to scramble, web and then kill us just for travelling through their space in anything but a pod. Any hostile action from us would automatically bring down CONCORD on our heads. Finally, we were shooting the falcon under sentry guns as well. All in the thin-hulled destroyer class vessel.

Naughty Spawn, held his fire and went for the pod instead and he successfully smashed the pod before he too was destroyed by CONCORD. Naughty Spawn especially enjoys the squishing sound of pilot capsules rupturing and the amniotic fluid flash freezing in space.

Sometimes, people just don't pay enough attention and pay for it. Now, if only we had a fleet 20 times the size of our rag-tag destroyer fleet we would have then gone for the obelisk! Could 320 destroyers alpha an obelisk? I need a channel where I can call upon pilots to do just that.

The fun continued however: someone took offence at having criminals in their space. A pilot called 'Ydnari' came out in an area and managed to pinch Red Vegas on his way out. On returning we noticed that the 'Yndari' was now in a vexor and blocking up the undock point of the high-sec station that were racing towards.

We decided to take revenge and undocked en masse and kill the vigilante pilot, high-sec or not, we wanted his loot.

So we did.

High security space is 'safer' space. Not safe space.