8 Dec 2010

Don't go for a pee in the middle of an op!!

Another fun night with The Bastards; we've been running around Placid recently especially around the constellations around the 'Pain' solar system (yes, Pain - as in 'PAINFUL') - it is, to many people's surprise our headquarters. In the dark and distant past The Bastards corporation was started here and it is fun to come back. Don't get me started on what I discovered in the corp hangars when I finally gained access!

However, the roam we had (all battle cruisers) didn't work out quite as I expected: the first engagement was with some Gallente Militia pilots; they came in a variety of ships and landed on our out gate as the fleet rumbled towards our target system. I was moving ahead of the main fleet, one behind my scout and had a secondary FC in place to take care of things. Unfortunately, when the firing started, I didn't hear my number two initiate any target calling. There were some nervous coughs as The Bastards came under fire but no shouting or panic. I was still in warp but getting increasingly concerned. I asked for an update but the responses were sporadic and then our losses started. I finally dropped warp and demanded to know what was going on. We were now losing ships but someone else stepped in and started calling targets but it was clear the battle had turned decidedly against us. 

Once we had regrouped it appeared that our secondary FC WAS shouting like a maniac but his vent client had packed up at the most unfortunate time. 

These things happen and I should have stayed closer to the fleet. 

After this excitement, I excused myself for a pee (yes, even in a pod, one needs a bit of privacy to complete one's ablutions...) - when I came back; a mere two minutes - we had lost two more ships!!

I thought they were joking but no, it was true and it appeared that two of the surviving ships had tried to rendezvous with the rest of the fleet and got caught by some fast point tackler on a gate. The joys of low sec space and being red and flashy.

I will try and hold in the pee for the duration of the roam from now on...

Interdict, who as ill and couldn't make the roam has been knocking out new forum signatures and I am the proud owner of a new sig.

Sorry that was a quick update but am already planning for ops and roams throughout the christmas period.