2 Dec 2010

Incursion, Ransoms, Haikus and Explosions

TFS Tibbs
Our Ransom Guru
The last post had my explaining to everyone that The Bastards have decided to increase our efforts in the ransoming department of our 'work'. Not to steal his thunder, I want to thank TFS Tibbs for organising this.

Ransomania - Stop the killing – make cash not war by TFS Tibbs

What: Ransomania - during the event contestants vie with each other to see who can ransom the most ships and capsules within a given timespan.
Who: Bastards only
When: Event will run from Tuesday 23rd November until Wednesday 22nd December
Where: Everywhere
Why: Ransoms are cool
How: See below

Ransom everything that moves for one month
Results will be taken from the Bastards Ransom Board
Haikus – valued at estimated price of ship + fittings – or estimated implant value based on character age for capsules
All ransom attempts must use the Yarrsom Channel if possible
All prizes will be awarded after the event has finished

Pilot involved in the most ransoms:
First - 400m + shiny winners medal
Second - 200m
Third - Faction Frigate of choice

Highest ransom – Ransom will be matched – double your money:
Most ship ejections - 100m
Most solo ransoms - 100m
Most Haikus - 100m
Best Haiku – Mystery prize

Most ships lost by A Bastard during ransom attempts: 
First – 3 ships replaced
Second – 2 ships replaced
Third – 1 Ship replaced

Early Starter Dramiels:
First ship ejection - Dramiel
First solo ransom - Dramiel
First Haiku - Dramiel

Additional Prizes:
(JManZA) 1st person to solo ransom a ship 2 hull classes above the one being piloted - ie ransom a BC in a Frigate class ship - Pirate cruiser of your choice
(Viginti) First Singing Ransom - 100 mil plus a T2 fit BC of choice (fitting as well) must sing more than just chorus. Here is the song -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbGkxcY7YFU
(z0de) The 'can you make z0de laugh' challenge - 50m
(Arrhidaeus) Most unreasonable ransomee - TBC

The ransom story so far...
We've had some prizes go already (mainly the Dramiels) and the it has been a hoot. However, our KB also tells us that there are plenty of people out there who are not playing the game and would prefer to shoot it out for us. Which is fair enough - while we're not elite PvPers; we usually bring enough firepower to reduce most ships we tackle to cinder.

Incursion into my realm?

Now it was with some surprise that I found my pod interface was upgraded since my last post. I have to say that I do like it. The subtle changes to the module icons is a nice touch too.

Of course, what type of post would this be without some form of boat violence? We've been very active and busy the last couple of weeks and over a much larger area. With the promotion of TheHermit as a Director at The Bastards, (since Raelyf was stepping down due to work life commitments) - it was decided that expanding our area of interest was in order and Hermit (with a jump clone) investigated and then relocated to Placid. Other pirates followed suit with other pirates setting up satellite offices in Amarr space, Syndicate and others. I always wanted 'chapters' in all areas of space and with excellent pirate food such as this rattlesnake, fun fights such as this one and ransoms such as this delicious one; the current area seems like a viable choice though I have been told that there is another area...will keep you all posted.

Pirates like us have to move as prey will not come over to us (how unsporting!) so we're roaming around further and it is good.

Hulkageddon IV
Yes, Helicity Boson of Python Cartel has started to make arrangements for the fourth instalment and as ever, The Bastards will be attending. We did very well in the last three tournaments: In the third tournament for example, we came in the top five in single player kills with 2nd, 3rd and 4th place respectively for Hermit, Leroxee & Tibbs and coming fourth in the overall corporation rankings. This achievement is even more remarkable considering our rivals (our friends really) are mostly all alliances (e.g. TEST Alliance Please, 0rphanage, B A N E, Hydra Reloaded etc)  and we're just a small corporation slipping in between the footsteps of these giant alliances.

Am keen to do better so am willing to listen to ideas from readers and importantly to take in donations of ships and isk to fund our cause. Remember, The Bastards live off the proceeds of piracy, we don't have renters, POS moon-goo, a piece of null-sec to rat in (what?), rich sugar daddies, etc. We try to maintain ourselves from ransoms, ransoms, ransoms, some extortions, outright theft and loot drops from ship explosions.

If someone donates a ship for HK IV to The Bastards; we will have your name on the ship and dedicate the exhumer kill to the pilot donating the ship. We might even leave a can with a message just from you to the unfortunate miner. Go on, you know you all want to!