16 Jul 2010

See you my friend.


I am honoured to call Kane a friend and brother both in-game and out-of-game. For a variety of reasons, Kane has decided it was time to call it a day. His latest post explains it all. Kane is stepping down from New Eden until things get fixed; he is mad just not that mad to continue paying

Personally, I think he should stay but Kane has always been an independent person with a strong (and loveable) personality. I said my good bye to Kane last night; me and Nashh were thinking of a massive rifter roam with Kane as FC as a final good-bye but Kane has already cancelled his subscription and is now out of New Eden life. 

Will miss you my friend.

So let me go back to some of my favourite posts from Kane's blood soaked past just to remind everyone why Kane is (in my view) the number one solo pirate in New Eden. 

Don't go for too long mate. I understand that there also needs to be some changes in real life, and giving up smoking is a great first step!

Was an honour to fly with you: those times you and I flew together in our frigates were great. Hope we can do so again. Enjoy these selected posts from Kane's blog.