19 Jul 2010

Pirate Speed Linking Blog July 2010

Welcome to my July 2010 speed-linking of pirate focused blogs here in New Eden. It's been gone for a while due to me being super busy both in-game and out-of-game but I have been reading nearly all the blogs (especially the pirate themed ones) with gusto. Also, this speed-linking is there for me to track what is going on in the piratey blogosphere - great for intelligence gathering.

Anyway, what has been going on the length and breadth of New Eden's piracy? Planetary Interaction (PI) has been unleashed onto us and the opportunity for piracy is there albeit still limited so I would love to hear from any pirates out there who have been using WH almost exclusively. I know of at least two such black-hearted chaps but I want more!

There's been a fair bit of grumbling and down-right shock at CCP and how they're handling the current CSM and their proposals. More details can be read here and here  both excellent sources but there is so more to come. Some of the reactions have been predictable, others less so. At the core is the acknowledgement by CCP that low-sec space and other bugs will not be fixed for at least 18 months while CCP concentrates on DUST and Incarna. The position of the CSM has been weakened (or corrected?) and the world continues to turn.

Anyway, to the pirate blogs that I have been reading.

Kane's blog is always on my to-read list but his latest post has made me feel sad. In it, Kane is stepping down from New Eden until things get fixed; he is mad just not that mad to continue paying. Personally, I think he should stay but Kane has always been an independent person with a strong (and loveable) personality. I said my good bye to Kane last night, me and Nashh were thinking of a massive rifter roam with Kane as FC as a final good-bye but Kane has already cancelled his subscription and is now out of New Eden life. So let me go back to some of my favourite posts from Kane's blood soaked past just to remind everyone why Kane is (in my view) the number one solo pirate in New Eden. Don't go for too long mate. I understand that there also needs to be some changes in real life, and giving up smoking is a great first step!
Ramblings of a pirateSchool of Hard Knocks and Going Postal.
One of my own from The Bastards, Hermit has been an absolute rock in terms of organising, galvanising, hauling and killing in the latest HK III. He has a blog but this one is different in content and feel from most other blogs; there's new content there and it is of high quality. Well written stories with depth and action. Am surprised he has time to write so well with all the other pressures he has. Recommended reading and I am hoping to read more.

Nashh Kadavr
He missed out on our AT8 involvement due to real life issues. However, it hasn't stopped this man from writing and check out his latest art work too. Nashh Kadavr is a Bastard but he's more well known for his well thought out celebrity death match (CDM) series of blog posts. He has already fought a number of times and is doing well. He has had a fair few CDMs and is busy updating his list and promises to have a post per CDM soon. Additionally, Nashh has contributed new prizes to the Hulkageddon III and have you seen some of the work he has commissioned? Nashh promises more and I wait with bated breath. Oh, for those interested: Nashh and I got acquainted after Mr K. tracked me down and insisted that I duel him in one of his CDM duels, and yes - I accepted and got beaten. I then accepted him into the corp as he already had an application pending. What a final interview!

Lady Shaniqua
Along with Sassy B, 'LS' are violent practitioners of 'boat' violence. I love them both, a two woman tag team that terrorises all. Shaniqua's blog is full of tales of getting stuck in worm holes, asking our very own Persephone Astrid to bake her a cake and nano-based ship violence by the bucket-load. It is written in a fast, easy on the eye and thoroughly enjoyable style. A bit like Lady S herself. Latest blog post has her killing a peeps and forgetting to point others! A must read and therefore recommended by me!

One of the coolest pirates in New Eden. Okay, Sassy B and Lady Shaniqua would probably not call themselves pirates, in fact, both would prefer to eschew labels and go and perform violence on your boats, repeatedly. Very honest, very violent and so very cool. Hence her inclusion in my pirate speed-linking. Sassy B's blog is relatively new but it is different and very fresh. In it, there are well drawn / rendered pictures of ships from all other New Eden. They can be used as forum headers, signatures and pieces of art. Sassy B is in great demand. I strongly urge readers to click on her blog and get a taste of some Sass.

Still one of the craziest and most fun persons that I know of, Spectre3353, AKA EVENewb. He has quit the game at least three times and each time it sounds more and more sincere but within a short period he is back once more! Love him. In between his many announcements of imminent quittage he has posted some outstanding stuff - I especially like his tale of his clashes with a chap called Ken as well as the stories of the ADF. This man is a genius but shhhh, don't tell him I said that. His latest post is about revamping low-sec (re-vamp), like I said - this man has a good head on him with some decent ideas. 
Slowly becoming a prolific blogger with each one of his posts being first class, definite quality over quantity every time. Arrhi was heavily involved in The Bastards and The Tuskers AT8 preparation and his two posts (The AT8 Breakdown - Part One and Part Two) on how these two corporations interacted during the AT8 preparation and then into the tournament time itself has been even-handed, fair and well written. A very interesting article and for those pirate corps out there who are thinking of a working closer with that of another equal sized corporations either in an alliance or a straight forward merger, the discussion and conclusions will be relevant. He's also a winner of some monies...

Another Python Cartel blogger and great pirate to boot. I loved his post on how PC convincingly bloodied BANE in Amamake; a riveting account of when one pirate corporation goes head to head with another pirate corporation. Like a few other bloggers, there appears to be posts galore on the top five ships for piracy. Andrea has her choices here. Love it. I want more Andrea!

YAPCB (Yet Another Python Cartel Blogger) and great pirate and blogger. By reading all the PC bloggers one can get a firm view on the antics these crazy fools get to. Rather than repeating each other, which happens - each PCBlogger posted their own views of their win over BANE but told from their own view-points, it certainly adds flavour. Check out his Kings of Amamake post. Other gripping tales are here.

I love these guys. No really, Paul Clavet writes of his adventures with passion, pace and an eye to humour too. He has been busy with ransoming POS, infiltrating a corporation, a couple of heists and killing some idiots in the last few weeks. He also gets some of the most interesting people to talk to. A busy chap with his friends. Nothing is safe so make sure you nail everything down, there are ninjas about!

Plenty to read on his blog but his latest has him losing his domi....

Hulkageddon III is an event put together by Helicity Boson of the Python Cartel but probably the one with the most polished looking website (sorry Spect and Andrea et al!) The semi-regular event is now on its third iteration and going strong as ever though about to end (sad panda). The details are here. HC deserves the credit for bringing together the groups and doing the lion's share of the organising. The Bastards have been busy in HK III so go over to the KB and keep a track on how we're doing. However, it hasn't been missed by HC on how CCP feels about the current player base when the CSM minutes were released. His loloveur post (or repost) is cutting and to the point and the best summary so far of what is going on.

I haven't read much of Nexa in an age though I know he and her bunch of rascals have been busy.  Eventually, Nexa posts two epic accounts of her empire piracy / war-decing. Sometimes, I wish I wasn't flagged as a criminal! Her tales of smack talking noobs, corp jumpers and general idiots are in two sections. Read them and enjoy: Part One and Part Two.

I love this guy: salvager cum killer. He tackles a rascist homophobe and a lonely osprey, a stabber that got away and almost killing a raven in an industrial. Marl is an active blogger, with a couple of cool and funny updates each week. Nice one as he keeps it ticking over.

Has been blogging steadily now and I enjoy his posts. His blog theme is also first class: dark and brooding and doesn't he look sinister? In real life he has been to Glastonbury but the winner is his post about Battle of the Planets. Mr Noxx, you're a star, haven't seen anything about G-Force in an age. Other posts include his three is a crowd and initially I thought it was a risque menage-a-trois but on reading more it is a bit more straight forward. 

Come over to Kirith's excellent blog and see which is the most bad-ass pirate ship in New Eden.

Eve-pirate is a great site with quality posts and stories from many pirates who don't have blogs or who prefer to delight their readers through E-P. 'War and Peace' is a good example of a post by a former member of TRAPS. It is a long read but very enjoyable. The Eve-pirate stalwart: Nexa also has a post here about killing a tengu that was foolish enough to try and take his buffer-cane. Nexa continues with a another quality post on war declaration on those with a big mouth, foolish pretensions and no balls to back it up.

Jager Da
Laments his poor attendance in HK III.He started with 30 thrashers and still have 30 left, come on JD - get out there!

A new blog but turning out to be an excellent one - been reading all the entries and it is very impressive.

More Ninjas
Cyberin has done something great - created a mini-speedlink for ninja related blogs. Most excellent my good fellow. If you want to read about these chaps who slip into mission running areas and 'clean up' - then look no further.

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