14 Jul 2010

Hulkageddon III

Hulkageddon III is upon us and The Bastards have been in the thick of it. The idea is simple: during a set period, mining vessels (Hulks, Makinaws etc) are targeted and destroyed.The competition is to see how many can be destroyed over the period and this event is now in its third year. Hulkageddon is the brain-child of Helicity Boson, the well-known Khanid pirate from Python Cartel.

99% of these vessels will be in high-sec space so for the majority of pirates flagged as criminals (i.e. all of The Bastards) - getting into the CONCORD protected space isn't straight forward. However, with pre-planning and patience it is easy to do. Our ships of choice are destroyers and we go in groups of four or more. It takes four destroyers, firing as one to one-volley most of the exhumers that are our targets. These ships are fast enough to zip through CONCORD space and providing we don't stop, local navies can't stop us.

The procedure for us and (we suspect) everyone else is thus:

1. Send a covert scout into a belt full of exhumers mining away.
2. Get a nice warp-in.
3. Exhumer gank squad of destroyers undocks from station and makes their way towards target system.
4. Can't stop for anyone as empire navies will soon web and kill you!
5. Arrive at target system and en masse, warp to the covert scout.
6. Drop out of warp, lock the exhumer and alpha it. Attempt to get a second shot before CONCORD scrambles, web, jams then kills you.
7. Warp out in pod back to base.
8. Rinse and repeat.

For hard core pirates like The Bastards, we're not too bothered at the loss of sec status but I do wish I had a +5.0 sec status to burn! That would allow me to get close, probably in a solo ship and smart bomb the exhumer. Anyway, I have two Bastards in the Top Three (2 and 3) and five in the top 20. We're ranked 4th in corporation kills, not bad considering we're a small corporation and not even in an alliance. The bigger alliances have been muscling in but the top solo killer is a chap who has been burning battleships galore, Phil MacMannon.

We also had the 1000th kill of Hulkageddon III - but there's no prize for that which is a pity.

However, HK III is a long slog and it is difficult for everyone to keep focus - just wanted to give a shout-out to Hermit, Persephone and Leroxee for working so hard AND maintaining focus when those of a weaker constitution (me) wilt and wither. There are others out there I know and my thanks and gratitude goes out to you lot for making this so much fun. We still have a couple of more days left!

Nashh, that CDM maestro has decided to throw some of cool gifts to anyone participating in HK III. Click this link to his page and see if you are eligible. Just realised that one can get Hulkageddon III merchandise like t-shirts! Seriously such a good idea - one medium size green hoodie for me please.

Helicity - you're a star.