8 Jul 2010

BC roaming and HKIII

Another Bastards fleet went out a roaming and we had an Amarr FW fleet land on us. We were on the gate and first one, the two and four interceptors landed with us. All of the assembled pilots started to cheer as we hoped to pop at least one of them provided we could point and web them. Then local rocketed  by an additional 35 pilots and since we were already had an aggression timer from popping a couple of thorax cruisers we were almost sure that we would lose everyone. We did lose ships but 'only' four with the rest of the fleet jumping through the gate and racing towards the exit gate. If only we had a smart bombing battle ship close by! We swung round and went back towards Evati and then into The Forge and (unsuccessfully) broke a gate camp. I say it was unsuccessful as our intention was the kill all their ship but we only managed to snag the megathron before his mates wisely left us to our own vices. Plenty of banter and we had a fair few recruits with us - so one could call it almost like a running interview! There's some good ones in there I can tell you.

Just want to give a shout out to one of the corporation's director Raelyf and Kai both whom have found themselves solo on most nights and they have been proving that solo piracy is alive and kicking. Well done chaps. Hope to see whether you two get plenty of nominations for July 2010 Solo Kill Of The Month.

Metropolis is getting busy once more - not too sure why right now, but it is obvious that a fair few corporations and alliances have moved into a number of constellations not to mention the less-than-regular-but-still-frequent horde of faction warfare militia, either Amarr Empire or Minmatar Republic.  I can see that Python Cartel is now based in Resbroko but after they bloodied BANE am surprised that PC moved as far from Amamake as they did.

Finally Hulkageddon III is almost upon us; The Bastards stand ready to do our bit but competition this time round will be very stiff. Should be fun but HKIII will be over a week in length! A marathon session by anyone's calculation. A long weekend would have been sufficient but I suppose it does give time for corporations to get involved rather than a mad 24 hour CTA to kill exhumers.