26 May 2010

AT8 update & CSM5 news

Look mum we're on TV! (actually is it going to be televised?)
Details are here.

At least we have a well-known team for our first round and previous winners to boot. What will a pack of low-sec living pirates do against HUN Reloaded? I have no idea but I hope we get into a position to ransom one of them!

Our prep is progressing but it is no secret that the Bastards are going to have a great time. We've been more aggressive in our roams just to ensure that we can properly battle-test our ships and tactics, Sisi is too controlled in some ways and the sheer randomness of tranquillity is the best test. Unfortunately, we've had a few set-backs but some successes too.

==Other bits==
Biggest news items by far is that Mynxee got the most votes for CSM5, automatically making her the chair-person. To be honest, she's the best bet for that position and I am immensely proud of her for stepping up and volunteering to do it. I just hope she has time to squeeze it all in!

Check this out:

VotesCharacter Name
Real NameCountry
4,116MynxeeCarole PivarnikUnited States
3,360AnkhesentapemkahEva JobseNetherlands
2,521Dierdra VaalValentijn GeirnaertNetherlands
2,196KorvinAndrey AntonovRussia
1,649Vuk LauVuk LauSerbia
1,553TeaDazeJason RenoufGuernsey
1,519Meissa AnunthielStephan PirsonBelgium
1,463Trebor DaehdoowRobert WoodheadUnited States
1,260SokrateszTim HeusschenNetherlands

Now that is a mandate for Mynxee as as Keith had pointed out, the number two on the list has quite different views on piracy so we shall see.

Oh, shout out to Kane and co for reversing a carrier drop to their advantage; nice!