23 May 2010

Frigate Roaming...love it.

I linked into our communication server, slightly sleepy-eyed and tired but I knew that Arrhidaeus was running a frigate class roam this evening. I linked in and was happy to see that the chaps had come back to Evati to replace lost ships. I was invited into the frigate fleet and my rifter ('SENTINEL PRIME') blasted out of the hangar.

The fleet was an interest mix of frigates all named after either Autobots or Decepticons. I was SENTINEL PRIME and I was joined by a collection of esoterical named robots. All fun and we raced ahead with scouts and probers pinging ahead. Love frigate roams, they fast, cheap and a hoot.

However, it started poorly for us with The Bastards fleet losing a rifter, crusader and a punisher in quick order. It didn't dent our confidence as the pilots raced home to re-ship. We did manage to catch a nicely fit jaguar with our frigate blob of nine but lost a griffin and a nemesis to a very well flown hurricane. It had mad speed and appeared to be able to hit, hard from range. After losing these two, we quickly disengaged, a wise decision to be honest in order to minimise losses.

We then killed two ruptures and a punisher but we bumped into the hurricane for a second time and he popped me. Damn that hurricane, not one of us could lay a finger on it to slow the beast down.

That's why I love the 'cane...