3 Jun 2010

New Logo - me like

I like our new in-game logo very much and feels the more like the 'proper' one that adorns our kill board, ransom board and forum.

Remote Repping BS fun
z0de has always been a fan of the remote repping battle-ship gang and last night he got his wish. As per typical Bastard procedures, the roaming-operation was posted on the forums asking for pilots and their ships. Many signed up and on the night, many more joined in. Another typical Bastard characteristic is not starting on time - I have tried hard to fix this but it is a struggle. The op was slated to kick off 20:00 but we didn't roll until 20:37, credit to z0de for not losing his rag but the fleet rumbled out of the space dock in Evati and into a deep safe. In this location we went through the finer points of such fleets and how to fly them. It included watch lists, broadcast history and standard operating procedures when approaching gates, decloaking etc. The strength of any 'RR' fleet is that each ship should be able to tank damage long enough until their companions slap one or two remote armour repair systems onto the damaged ship. A ship receiving eight to nine such devices can tank a lot of damage almost indefinitely. Certainly, the fleet could sit quite happily under sentry guns for as long as required. Following us, we had a cloaking hauler to carry extra ammunition and cap boosters as well as picking up extra loot.

The fleet ended up being:

z0de | RR Dominix
JediJane | RR Dominix
Jmarr | RR Armageddon
Flashfresh | RR Typhoon
Persephone | RR Scorpion
Jabajools | RR Scorpion
Mei | RR Scorpion
TheHermit | RR Scorpion
Captain Blackler | RR Armageddon
Zemledocl | RR Armageddon
Viginti | Lachesis
Silvtrys | Huginn
Arrihidaeus | Vengance
Kingzolo | RR Harbinger
Nicho | RR Hurricane
LostCause | Brutix

Yes, we had four scorpions, much to z0de's disapproval. We had them retrofitted to be armour tankers but we all agreed that the new model for this ship type is very sexy.

Once z0de was satisfied the order was given and we rolled out. Our scouts moving ahead and sniffing out targets of any opportunity. The night started off with the RR fleet killing a thrasher but we had received word that there were targets in Gultraten so off we went, ships rumbling onwards. We sat on the Rokofur gate but all useful targets were leaving low-sec through this Rokofur gate and not coming in. We had ships of all sizes (including a freighter) land on the outbound gate and jump. There was much gnashing of teeth.

After a few fruitless minutes we moved on and decided on a trip down to Resbroko and onwards towards Amamake. The results were disappointing - looks like the entire pipe had unfriendly scouts along its entire length that notified people of our presence. Such was the poor pickings we even decided on going after a velator. Oh the desperation.

We ended up on the Auga gate and managed to snag a sleipnir and vagabond. They were part of a slightly larger gang that we wanted to tangle with. These two made the mistake of firing on us. The Sleipnir dropping a nice juicy, Caldari Navy X-Large Shield Booster. That should be worth a few million.

However, we encountered and failed to nab many other opportunities during the latter half of the roam: a fast BC crew racing around, about 7-8 of them who blasted past us around the Auga/Dal/Amamake area; a mixed BC/BS gang in Kourmonen; a frigate/cruiser gang in Amamake itself and most disappointing of the evening, a BC/BS gang around the Ardar area when we were coming back. We only snagged their brutix and their hurricane. We someone lost their tempest who rumbled away with it's micro warp drive blazing brightly in our faces.

So the tally for the night was as follows:

x2 Vagabonds
x2 Velators
x1 Shuttle
x1 Sleipnir
x1 Hurricane
x1 Brutix
x1 Rifter
x1 Buzzard
x1 Atron

We lost Arrihidaeus to gate guns as we couldn't rep him fast enough. The other chaps on the killmail came from an earlier engagement.

AT 8
Well the BS roam was set-up to allow us to relax and stretch our legs after some intensive testing on our Alliance Tournament fleet set-up. Also, real life testing is much more valuable than on Sisi due to the unpredictability of the other pilots. The team hasn't been picked yet as the team leaders are playing things very close to their chests but am hopeful that come Sunday, 15:50 the TuskerBastards will emerge victorious, pulling off a shock defeat of past AT winners, and favourites, HUN Reloaded. The reality is that HUN Reloaded are seasoned AT participants compared to us. Be that as it may!