4 Feb 2010

Ops and Big Ass Ops and..are the Goons dead?

My first op of 2010 started horribly with us eager Bastards rushing in to kill an obvious bait-drake in belt 3-1; we had kiting cruisers and we're doing ok but then local crept up and up and up and oops.

I should have called an abort there and then but was eager for a kill and eventually we lost my rapier (sob), theHermit's falcon and Mr Frog's Arazu. Yes, the most expensive ships in the fleet. I have no idea who the enemy fleet was but I am definitely seeing more traffic around Evati. Could be due to Pandemic Legion relocating into Geminate maybe?

Last night it was better; much better. I had a fleet of 14, eager blood thirsty pirates. Banter was great on vent (and in fleet chat) and we were all in battle cruisers - shield tanked with gank. We took a dive into null-sec through Paala into the drone regions and out to Skarkon and scored a couple of kills. Most of it was dancing with the locals but it was good to be out and about. We had some new recruits with us too so we had to be on our best behaviour (;-).

Am organising more ops, each week and I can't wait.

Of course, there's more: z0de has been planning something big and heavy and I am privvy to this operation but need to keep quiet (operational security and all that) but by merely mentioning I have already broken the rules; but what the hell!

Yes, late to mention it - but it looks like Goons are dead.