17 Feb 2010

Stealth Bomber roams and more fun

Busy couple of weeks - stealth bomber roams around low-sec proved to me just how deadly and fun these ships are. A medium sized gang of us went looking for trouble and found a flashing dominix gate camping. We de-cloaked and unleashed torpedoes. I grinned wolfishly as the torps made their way over, almost serenely, towards the dominix. A wave of our ordnance slammed into the enemy vessel and within seconds it had blossomed into an expanding ball of flame and scrap metal.

We lost JManza to the dominix's sniping tempest friend and z0de, in a rare moment of idiocy, got caught out by the sentry guns. He lost his nice, expensive arazu but was man enough to admit his mistake. Going to be running more of these types of roams, minus the silly losses.

In some un-related news - my recent EVE Blog banter was deemed good enough to win a 14-Day GTC but I was surprised it was even considered as the quality of the other entrants was (in my view) so high.