2 Feb 2010

Operations Tonight and Beyond...

OK - can't wait for tonight's op; had to trawl through a lot of mail and blogs to keep up to date but am looking forward to tonight. There's a most interesting project currently being mastermind by z0de; I have given my blessing to it and I hope it works out! It should be fun and I am going to be looking to buy more stuff in Rens.

Speaking of which, I checked my trade alt in RENS and we've sold about 1.32B isk of loot but it is holding steady at this amount. There's still lots of mid-range valued loot to be sold, most of the T2 stuff has gone and the faction items (all sub 50M isk) are trickling through. The new year has seen a decrease in the roams and hence in the loot collected. However, no matter.

Our ransoms are healthy but it's a slow start to 2010; am sure it will pick up quite quickly.

I had my directors meeting of 2010 where I and my directors (minus z0de due to his RL exams) - had a very productive 2 hour meeting where we discussed and decided a number of things. Will use the core of our discussions to form the framework for a more comprehensive corp AGM planned for later this month. There's been a few pirates who have left us, which is a shame but such is the cycle of life in New Eden. Our recruitment queue is holding at a dozen or so but we're having problems pulling this number down as our recruitment officers are finding it hard to juggle their time commitments. All I can say to our potential recruits is that we're sorry - we are trying and be patient. Our thread is here.

I have also noticed that our fellow pirate corps are also recruitment heavily too, so plenty to choose from to all you blood thirsty, ransom loving pilots. Trust me, low-sec piracy is a decision you shouldn't regret. Give it a go.

Ok - recruitment speil over!

Like most pod pilots, I am keeping up to date with the drama and issues in the south of New Eden. The Goons appear to have folded at the first hurdle and IT alliance has steamed into Delve and now more or less own it, along side Fountain which they took from Sons of Tangra and Pandemic Legion. Interestingly, PL are relocating some of their assets and pilots to Geminate; so only a few jumps from us. Should be interesting for smaller corporations in 2010. Am sure we'll adjust and there will be plenty of opportunities for us for ransoms and loot. Not too bothered about good fights; am not a knight after all though I am honest and will keep my word; assuming that I will give it.

Back to work but itching to log back in. That hurricane class battle cruiser is winking at me.....