19 Oct 2009

Da Boot

Some house keeping is essential and I have had the unpleasant job of releasing some inactive pirates from The Bastards. It is one of the reasons why I was elected as CEO. Our recruitment officers are doing a fine job fielding new candidates and I leave them to it now but we have to make room for the newer recruits in this organisation. I have drawn an initial list of seven candidates that fulfil the following categories:

1. Been inactive from corp for over 3 months (i.e. haven't logged in) or more.
2. No forum activity in the last 3 months or more.
3. No email, evemail or post stating their unavailability to anyone.
4. No activity on kill board.
5. No activity on the ransom board.
6. No activity on the EVE-O forums.

Real life is more important and The Bastards is as much of a community as a well as an in-game corporation but it is time to prune and remove some dead wood.

Their roles have been removed from corporation now and some have already been transferred over to a rather innocent organisation going by the name of 'Garoun Investment Bank'. Hope the new-found corp mates are friendly. As ever, as these pilots get transferred, I leave them an explanatory note with an offer to re-apply if the urge for piracy returns.

I would be greatly interested to find out from some of my readers how they handle such inactive pilots. Should they be retained? Kicked sooner?