21 Oct 2009

Stealth Bomber roam and party

First things first: Hellcats party; this weekend. Join in and be merry!

I hope to be there but work calls; however last night was a stealth bomber and recon roam that did not end very well. It was a quiet run for the first hour and as we headed back for the home straight we spied a M34N absolution loitering around the gates. We were clearly interested as our stealth bombers were itching to fire their missiles at *something*; however this was clearly bait. We left behind a scout between Ingunn and Gusandall just to be sure.

Most of the stealth bombers were in Gultratren when the absolution was pointed and pushed through from Ingunn by z0de. It was then promptly pointed, webbed and dps poured on. The stealth bombers are designed to go after bigger ships but the abso would do!

It had a huge tank and as soon as we decloaked and tackled it, our scout informed us that a similiar sized gang was on their way towards the obvious bait. We had to drop the absolution fast and with all five target painters on it; the signature radius of the absolution was that of a small moon. Even if it was designed as a bait; we killed it before its support could arrive. We then cloaked up and warped out. Congratulating each other on a well-executed kill. To be honest, we should have left it at that and grabbed the loot and went home.

However, the M34N gang jumped in and orbited the gate. A mixture of ship types: hurricane, crusader, brutix, rook etc. A bit too much for our stealth bomber gang but we decided to have a go anyway. It was a poor decision and M34N made us pay; their crusader pilot was down to hull but did a sterling job in scrambling z0de's arazu; shutting off his mwd and thus making it vulnerable to the M34N brutix that powered into him. We also lost maltrox in his rapier and Inko in his hound. We failed to kill any of the M34N ships; apart from the triple-repped, tri-marked absolution and left local licking our wounds. M34N offered us bait, we took it, killed it and got away...only for us to come back and get a kicking anyway from M34N.