18 Oct 2009


Just wanted to give a shout out for 'Hulkageddon' - a wonderful idea where a bunch of pirates get together to blow up as many Hulks and other mining ships as possible. Details are here and The Bastards were asked to sign up and we found ourselves organised along with those fine chaps at the Python Cartel, Tuskers to name two. It is the brain-child of that sexy little pirate going by the name of Helicity Boson, also of Python Cartel.
Of course, we get to pick up the loot to ensure a positive isk outcome and each pirate organisation works in their own allocated areas to ensure that there isn't any 'collateral' damage. Most of the ship types are destroyers (catalyst or thrasher hull) fit for close and intense damage with a few coercers and cruisers thrown in. These ships are very cheap and in a group of four to five; can do enough alpha damage to destroy a hulk before CONCORD arrives to fulfil their vengence filled role.

At this time of writing, The Python Cartel is leading in points with The Bastards in second and I.M.M. in third; of course - The Bastards have several members with them who are in the current recruitment cycle and have parked themselves into NPC corps; so the actual Bastards' score is probably higher. However, who is bothered? I am not - instead I am chuckling at the antics of the entire session and following my chaps process on the killboard.

When are we going to stop? Hulkageddon was meant to be a 23 hour kill-fest for the 17th October (saturday) only but it looks like it has been extended to cover this weekend and may go on until everyone becomes sick of it. This does remind me of the 'Jihad' that Goonswarm carried out on the very same ship types and what the Broski's have been doing.

Anyway, keep it coming!