14 Sep 2009

Anniversary part 2: donations

Many thanks to those who have donated monies and ships to this most fun and highly anticipated event. I have just under a dozen Bastards and Hellcats available and details will be sent to those who have requested a presence with the fleet. Also, thanks to the ship donations - your names will be kept confidential until the report in a week's time.

Have been busy fine-tuning our recruitment requirements as well as fixing some pages on our recruitment page(s) - here on the website, on the forum and our eve-online post. With Ard busy in real life; we may have to start a new thread on eve-online.

For those who have been evemailing me - please send an email to recruitment [at] the-bastards.com with your ingame name as the subject line. Also, keep an eye on the website for suitable links to our recruitment requirements and FAQ.

Life goes on in leaps and bounds and we're drooling over the proposed faction frigate / cruiser changes and this may influence the kick off date. We'll see.

Been busy over the weekend, took advantage of the sun and mountains and went for a long hike. Lovely!