9 Sep 2009


Been busy with admin but the first part of the loot admin is out of the way; I really want to keep on top of things and coming soon after the last loot sale, RoninData kindly came in and ran the programme again. The loot we have accumulated so far is an impressive 1.8Billion and rising. Not bad I might say so myself.

The Alliance tournament is underway and I have enjoyed the contests, The Bastards were in line to replace -V- but we didn't get in; even though we were ready and anxiously waiting for CCP to call us after sending an evemail informing us to get ready. Why or why was the all the communication between the reserve teams and CCP only through evemail?

Anyway, no matter - while the AT first stage was kicking off, Happy San proudly showed me a new addition to the Ransomboard - comments and pilot stats. Both are cool; give them both a try and tell us what you think. When viewing pilot stats, one can see how the ransoms come in over time, there are some good months and some bad months.

Oh, yet more news: we are about to open recruitment and I will post more about it here. Thanks to all the emails you have all sent; we read them all and we are waiting eagerly to process the new applications. To those who have asked to join our alliance: the current position is a no. The alliance was there to enable us to submit an application for the Alliance tournament but we might keep the alliance around for a while longer. If you want to join us, with your mates - throw an application our way but be sure to read the FAQ.

Righto, last bit before I dash off is that The Bastards are coming up to our birthday and to celebrate our second year, as The Bastards (we were the Dastardly Bastards before then) - I am putting together a faction frigate and cruiser roam for all Bastard pilots, current and old. I will get the list together, post up a date and a hint of our route just to give everyone else a chance to come along and say 'hello'....with guns and rockets. We fully intend to ransom, loot and pillage our way through New Eden's low-sec system until there is no ship left or that we're so full of loot that our ships have trouble turning.

If you have any faction frigates lying around, you're an ex-Bastard or a close friend of The Bastards and you're free on a friday evening (UK timezone) - convo me or Happy San or z0de or Persephone Astrid or Viginti for more information. Drop by the Independence channel if at all possible. Faction frigate and cruiser roam will be epic.

Of course, well-wishers can donate isk and stuff to us and if you are kind enough to donate a faction frigate (!) - we'll make it a point of naming the ship after you and get it blown up against silly odds. It will go down in glory.

Ok, enough of a ramble.