16 Sep 2009

Alliance 1 v 1and our recruitment officers

Managed to undock last night and it was a good crowd with z0de, Happy, Ellistara, Vig, Rae and others out and about. A Hellcat was with us and we were graced by the presence of RoninData; pirating a lan connection from somewhere.

The night was fast and fun with us tangling with GIS once more, resulting in a single loss of a GIS rifter. I see that GIS has formed a Mercenary Alliance with others. I wish them the best of luck in the murky world of paid-for-firepower.

Putting together the finishing touches on the recruitment admin side of things: we had a number of new pilots put themselves forward as recruitment officers for The Bastards and they need a day or so just to orientate themselves on 'how it all works'. Am grateful for their time.

Persephone has a much anticipated 1 v 1 tournament set up for Alliance members with a 100million isk purse. The interest has been high but now; it is down to organising the individual matches. I am going for some fun fits: a slasher with arties for example. Should be great fun and a boost to morale.

Of course, one can also default back to the tried and tested mwd-rifter with 150mm AC IIs but we shall see.