26 Mar 2009

Busting a level five mission

We managed to crack open the hidden location of a level-five mission run by a trio of Foundation alliance pilots. Their small fleet comprised of an ishtar, vulture and typhoon.

Having the numbers, we scrambled after them with Cooch and Prophet bravely pointing both the ishtar and typhoon while Hera went over to point the vulture. The space was thick with gurista battle ships. The Foundation trio were sent no doubt to destroy these guristas but now it was a three-way fight. Some of the guristas targeted us pirates as well as continuing to pound the Foundation trio. We realised that we lacked either afterburners and/or webbers and there was a real danger that we would lose track of all three ships - since they all sped off in different directions and attempting to split us up. We quickly decided to leave the ishtar and attempt to nab the remaining two.

We eventually tackled the Typhoon and Vulture and demanded an appropriate ransom.

"We're FOUNDATION pilots and we don't pay ransoms. Please finish what you're doing and we'll be on our way."

We popped both their ships and salvaged the wrecks.