24 Mar 2009

Hanging around our station? Nahhh

We killed McNoto's Armageddon outside one of our stations - his fit was very good and we knew it would be a tough tank to break, especially if he attempts to dock up immediately. He stayed outside and with some friends popped a few of us over the evening, all frigates but down to silly mistakes. However, McNoto's continued presence outside was his eventual undoing. Hera undocked a couple of times in his dominix and drew aggression a couple of times while the rest of our pilots made ready. I selected my maelstrom and reloaded with large hail ammunition. The minutes ticked by as we heard Hera's commentary.

"He's firing on me. He's now aggressed. All pilots hold." There was a hiss of static as Hera's own weapons joined with McNoto's laser batteries.

"Shit, he hits hard too." Observed Hera, a slight trace of concern in her voice. Slight mind. Nothing to worry about.

"Hera, shall we undock?" Asked one pirate.

"Negative. Hold. Hold." There were a slight interference on our own scanners due to the close proximity of the large laser discharges from McNoto's mighty armageddon.

The seconds ticked by, then Hera gave the order.

"Undock. Undock. Engage. Engage."

Seven other ships, a mix of battle cruiser and battle ship class vessels were spat out into space. Proximity alarms blared in warning as our seven ships came close to colliding with the golden hued mass of McNoto's armageddon and Hera's own dominix class battle ship. So close, no-one could really miss and everyone in the fleet unloaded a fearsome broadside into the enemy war target Armageddon.

McNoto had instantly stopped firing and ceased all hostile activity in order to let the harmful energy discharges to dissipate fully before it could dock up in safety. This period after the last hostile action and before one could dock was about thirty seconds. We had to rip through the immense defensive armour of a properly equipped armageddon in under half a minute. A tall order without a massive amount of ships and / or capital ships.

My maelstrom shuddered as the 800mm artilleries thundered out the deadly hail ordnance.

"Pour it on! Pour it on!" Roared RoninData.

I had one eye on the tactical readout, the armageddon was already shield-less but his armour was sitting at 75%.

"Overheat! Overheat! Burn out the guns. Get him!" Pushed RoninData. No replies from the fleet but the intensity of fire increased.

I toggled my communications to my weapon engineers. "Ordnance."

"Yes sir?"

"Take the safeties off the 800mm ACs and red-line them. Push them past their limits. I want maximum damage."

"Yes sir. Safeties all off."

My guns started to glow red as the damage output increased by 15% with a corresponding level of heat damage to the barrels, gyrostabilisers and loading mechanisms as I pushed the guns beyond safety limits. I didn't care.

"Shit. He's going to make it. He's going to dock..." Complained one pirate.

"He's going down! He's going down!" Countered Hera.

"He's into hull. He's dying. I see crew escape pods already being jettisoned." Said Maltrox.

With a shudder, the armageddon, probably seconds from docking up, broke up in two as one of it's plasma reactors went critical and tore the heart out of the ship. The station rocked slightly as the battle ship blossomed out like a new sun. The super-hot cloud incinerating some of the closer crew capsules.

There were cheers on the bridges of our ships as we were showered by the debris field. We loved this. McNoto expertly whipped his capsule out.

The killmail is here. We all agreed that McNoto's fit was a very good one - plenty of damage potential with enough armour to withstand a tremendous amount of punishment. The fit shows us that COM-S have some damn good pilots.


Kane Rizzel said...

Nice kill there mate.

Yargok said...

Very nice kill.

Nice tank he had. :)

Rivqua said...

Good job ;) Awesome writeup. One thing, I don't know who started that evil rumor that everyone seems to belive, but the redock timer has been 1 minute for the time I've played (since before Trinity). - Riv

Anonymous said...

I for myself wouldn't dare fight a COM-S-Pilot 1on1. They seem to be hellishly skilled.

Nice to see you and GIS/COM-S sparring each other.

And Gratulations for actually fighting them !