20 Jan 2009

EVE Speedlinking for January 2009

Well, it is the new year and I hope everyone had a restful and fun time. I certainly ate too much, drank too little (!), slept too little and had a good time. I do regret missing out on the Bastards Meet in London on the 20th December as well as not being able to log in much over the christmas period however; piracy - didn't entirely stop in New Eden.

So, while I have not been able to link in; I have been avidly reading the various pirate blogs that are out there. If for some reason, you are not on this eve pirate blogger's list - drop me a line.

Oh, an article penned by yours truly has made it into print for E-ON #14. Read Crazy Kinux's account of this issue.

Now, onto the existing Pirate Bloggers:
  • Kane Rizzel continues to pummel and smash mission runners and their associates in 'Operation Farmer Smash'. There was very little Christmas cheer for these mission runners. Not when Kane has the bit between his teeth and alcohol in his belly. Then there was a break over the new year where Kane recharged his batteries and he came back with single-minded determination. The systems near where Kane lives has many, many raven-class battleships running mission after mission. Many are now getting smarter and using scouts and aligning to stations as soon as they arrive in the mission area. All to make it harder for pirates to get them. However, Kane is a deadly and persistent predator. So sit back and read his account of how he hunts in Your mission should you choose to accept...
  • I spent a fair time with Mynxee under the mistletoe this christmas. She's a great kisser but one needs to avoid her sharp tongue; if you catch my drift. As with many pilots in New Eden (both capsuleers and non-eggers) it was the right period to take time off. Mynxee needed her space to recollect her thoughts and refocus and I hope the travels has blown out any cobwebs. Once she was back, she continued her on and off romance with Roc - a brilliant, ad-lib conversation through the blog posts; with both posters writing about the same events. Goodbye and hello indeed - I do recommend it. Let's not stop here; she's a pioneer is Mynxee and she decided on dragging out people's opinions on ECM and piracy. Some very good comments there - if you have a strong feeling or opinion, drop them here. Then the beauty of small fleet (complete with two Bastards in two) action in her most recent account is retold here and welcome to Venom, The Hellcats latest recruit.
  • Ah, my dearest Shae. How I love her soft, silky purring voice and her sharp nails dancing down my back...er, sorry - wrong entry! Anyway, Shae Tiann once again shows me just why I think she's one of New Eden's most talented writers with a thought-provoking tale of a capsuleer 'becoming' in the God Makers. Her work has been recognised and now she's also part of the EVE Fiction Pack. Come on over and have a look. You will not be disappointed. She continues with her novellea, Thicker Than Blood: Chapter Six. This series is highly recommended. Finally, it was with some surprise that she recounted a change meeting we had last night. I didn't realised that I never took my shades off. For you Shae, I will take them off. Change can be disturbing and yes, The Alliance is moving along - a bit too quick so will need to slow down somewhat. With the Alliance tourney arriving as well so soon; there's an element of paranoia too. Still, if you need to have a quiet chat, you know who to call.
  • Biz Quick has now joined up with Twisted, a pirate corporation and he started his tour of duty with these scurvy sea dogs with a Free Faction Battleship! However, Biz returns to form with a cold beer in hand and targets in front. Actually, I met Biz in the flesh last night - he was with Sard Caid and were hanging around one of the Evati stations. I know both by reputation and associations (being fellow bloggers) but not everyone in The Bastards did. Biz was tackled by one of our number, Sard came to his rescue - mates backing each other up but the The Bastards damage output completely destroyed Biz's sacrilege while Sard got away. I do recall that there was a discussion amongst the pirate bloggers what they would do if they met up in space; with no standings in place; would we all take the opportunity to open fire first? I think the answer was a resounding yes. Hats off to Biz and Sard for a good fight.
  • I love Ka Jolo's style and verve when it comes to writing and his entries include fantastic accounts of piracy with his corp, the Tuskers (check out 100 minutes of Tusker Glory) but it is his examination of excuses made during and after a fight that has the mind juices flowing. Just for your information, his discussions over a 'GF' deserves another mention.
  • Like many pirates, Wensley has been busy and not managed to undock much but his a pirate and they live by many codes, one is 'Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbour's Rock'. A very important one as you can see.
  • Marleus of Ironfleet uses his battle crane to great effect. He even chased off a wolf in it. For those pirates out there who prefer to er, acquire goods and need a ship with a big enough cargo and how it should be done; read Ironfleet.
  • For the love of the profession is the latest entry from one of my favourite pirate corporates, Suddenly Ninjas, run by Tchell Dahhn. Yes, Marleus is in the same alliance as these chaps.Tchell is now a member of the CSM I gather? Excellent!
  • VB Sarge continues to have much happen in his real life but he had time to sit down and pen yet another quality post under the title 'Sometimes you just do' and most pirates will agree with the tone and sentiments of this most complex pirate. Recommended reading.
  • Krendar starts to feel the need for sleep as she juggles a 1000 things at once. Setbacks is her latest blog post and in character too.
  • Sard Caid, is not a solo pirate anymore having signed up with Twisted Inc. Still, he captures perfectly the trials and tribulations of flying solo. He muses on where his path may take him and yes, The Bastards can be quite chaotic - we're pirates after all and not a well-oiled and disciplined alliance. I question whether Faction Warfare would be a suitable avenue - you get low-sec PvP without hits to your security for sure, but from my experience, it does vary and over towards the Gallente and Caldari fisticuffs, they sometimes degenerate into blob fests.
  • You want some smack talk in local? Hallan managed to copy the conversation spewing forth from some gate campers as he was drifting through a system. Great read.

New Pirate Blogs:

No new year's post from the other assembled pirates though:


Mynxee said...

Thanks for all the link love, darlin. Great round-up of pirate blogs!

Sard Caid said...

Excellent writeup here, however I am still doing my own thing in my solo corp. Haven't joined up with another corporation just yet, and probably won't for some time still.

Thanks for the shout outs. I'd loved to have played with your gank gang that destroyed Biz, but I felt too much could go wrong with a 5v1, even on the station. I'll take y'all up on a XvX next time I'm around.

Jorge Belda said...

hehe i'm not on the list :(

Flashfresh said...

Jorge - your blog address doesn't work....unless I got it wrong? http://jorgebelda.blogspot.com


Jorge Belda said...

the link is as below, I need to practice my blogging as its not to personable.


Anonymous said...

I like it when I'm called a Kitten...thanks for the link Flash!!

Kitteh Venom