14 Jan 2009

EON Awards Nominee!!

Flashfresh is an EON Awards Nominee! I am a bit shocked and humbled that I have been nominated in the EON Awards category of Writer of the Year!

I hope that my loyal readers (all of 2 or is that 3?) spend four minutes to cast their votes for your truly.

Additionally, I urge you to check out the other nominees; Mynxee and her blog 'Life in Low-Sec' is in it's own category.


Anonymous said...

Go Flash! You have my vote. All power to you.


Mynxee said...

You got my two accounts' worth of votes :)

Kane Rizzel said...

Voted for you my friend.

Strange that Alia is up there considering she doesn't write any more, not sure if she even plays.

PsycheDiver said...

Good luck, friend. Competition is really stiff this year.

Mynxee said...

@Kane: Same with Spectre. I think the nominees were selected quite a while ago and are meant to reflect stuff that was going on in 2008...but yeah, I would hope that the currently active players/writers are the ones who get the recognition.