25 Jan 2009

Am very proud of The Bastards

Today was a great day: we, The Bastards signed up for the Alliance Tournament Number 6 and had drawn KIA ALLIANCE first. A big name and feared in some quarters but as soon as we knew we were in; nearly all of the corp went to SISI and started training and practising. We temporarily stopped our recruitment process and cut back on more, 'ordinary' activities.

We trained hard and tried out dozens of setups.

After each practise, we learnt more and our grin got wider and wider. Right up to the last minute, no-one knew what the team set up would be. Only our FC knew and he was playing things very close to his/her chest.

This afternoon, the team was announced, moved to a staging area and the ventrilo server became a cacophony of mad noise. The rest (including me) cheered ourselves hoarse. There was no worry or fear amongst the Bastards team; no talk about the opposition only on how we were going to do. The entire corp had volunteered time and resources to train and train and train. We were ready.

KIA came with seven Ishtars and a vigil.

We laughed.

The game kicked off....and here you can hear the rest.

Ishtars died horribly and two ran out of bounds too. I think the match was the shortest so far.

Some quality quotes from the audio commentary:

"OMG this is absolute carnage!"
"I don't think jesus is with the ishtars today...."
"A smart bombing scorpion from The Bastards!"
"I was a little but surprised that the KIA Alliance ishtars were fielding hammerheads...."
"Very unfortunate for KIA"


Anonymous said...

I just how they say things like "there goes the smartbombing scorpion of the bastards destroying the drones of KIA".


Anonymous said...

"i thought it would be a very drawn out match but erm obviously not".

KIA staying power shines through in the tourny and ingame.
Anyone impressed by those idiots just needs to fight them to see how crap they are.

JasonJ said...


However, fair play to the bastards. You pwned them and i loved the after match commentary. It was all about how KIA were unlucky to lose etc....anyone watching or listening to this (ever so short) match knew that they were schooled in PvP.


Muhaar said...

Damn nice! Looking forward to see a vid of it.

Anonymous said...

KIAEDDZ - you suck balls.

Flashfresh said...

ENOUGH FLAMING KIA - or at least do it with your in-game ID!


Anonymous said...

Bastards...excellent job!

KIA...I hope you learned not to underestimate your opponents

Mynxee said...

Our guys worked very, very hard to prepare for the Alliance Tournament. No disrespect to anyone else, but plain and simple, we brought the better team and KIA paid the price. We earned the win and we deserve it. Bastards, ya done us all proud. Much ♥♥♥ for being the great guys you all are. And Congratulations...best luck in the rest of the match.

Abene Placito said...

Awesome job.

Ronan Jacques said...

w00t! Low Sec pirates root Bastards!!
Very cool setup, pro execution. Not to REALLY load it on KIA... but hammerheads?!

Anonymous said...

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