17 Dec 2008

T1 cruiser bum rush

"Cruiser gate camp. X up if you want in." Said Kulmid. Within five minutes, I was outside in a rupture (having rushed back three jumps) and was alongside Kalazar (cane) and Maltrox (ruppie) alongside Kulmid, in his thorax.

Not a record-breaking time for a fleet set-up but not bad for us Bastards.

With no further ado, Kulmid took the fleet towards EOZ-AC briefing us as we made the three jump journey.

"There's a drake, rapier, vagabond and a frigate on the Akkio gate in EOA. They have a bubble there. We're just gonna bust it."

I glanced at my watch list and was satisfied at with the numbers. With our own four cruisers, we had to drop the rapier first and then work on the frigate and then drake. Or something close to this.

We arrived at the gate and without any preamble, we jumped on contact and held cloak on the other side.

There were a couple more ships here than Kulmid had stated. In addition to the named, there was a hurricane and a falcon. Not good.

Betraying no unease, Kulmid ordered us to de-cloak and primary the rapier. We dropped him quickly enough but by then, the falcon had us locked and cycled through us. The enemy Keres was next but was too quick and we switched fire to the enemy hurricane.

It didn't work and we all popped successively. Normally, isk wise - with the drop off the rapier - we would have broken even but we all left with nothing, our pods flashing all the way home. So no loot and this makes most pirates a big sad panda.

I have a stack of ruptures in the hangar all fitted and ready to go but this time, I did forget to bring drones. Am sure I would have had the keres killed if I had drones. Doh.

Next time!


Sard Caid said...

Such is life when taking on a superior force. It's also why you should have a scout in your gang, regardless of how fresh intel is.

Bummer about the Keres. Serves a lesson to keep those drones handy!

Anonymous said...



Kalazar said...

This is why Falcons are bad. And the pilots should all be dragged out and shot. And then burned. And then stomped upon. And then scattered to the four winds. And then gathered up again and burned more...

Yassir said...

Could bring a falcon of your own or fit ECCM's....then again shooting all falcon pilots is good too...