20 Dec 2008

EVE Pirate Blog Speed-linking December 2008

Christmas is here!

December 2008 EVE-Online Pirate Blogs, my summary.
  • Kane Rizzel is back with a bang and he shows us, once more, how effective he is as a predator with a vivid tale of Kane hunting and waiting for a raven-flying mission runner. He killed him three times and causing much grief in The Farmer's Tale.
  • Wensley decided on a GANK GANG - damn fine fun and an impressive amount of DPS from T1 cruisers. His blog was featured on episode three of MicroWarpCast; a superb series alongside the Virgin PodCast library of EVE-Online shows. Get iTunes onto it and download! However, Wensley doesn't just talk about gank gang. Nope, the prolific blogger churned out quality post after quality post and I have to highlight the 'Rifter PVP Guide' as being a most superior entry. Following this most excellent post, he then goes in his rifter and kills some State Protectorate Drones in his rifter of doom.
  • Skira Ranos has put together a very useful, well-written 'Beginners Guide to Piracy'. To be honest, even seasoned salty dogs could do with a remainder and a run through of the basics. Well done Sir!
  • Thanks to Mynxee, she has led me to Sard Caid, a pirate terrorising Molden Heath - read his exploits in the well-named: Broadside. I like the style already and MH isn't too far from me....
  • However, how can I forget Mynxee; that husky voiced vixen pirate? She did go a bit gooey over Roc Weiler however. Gushing some might say...but no, I will not pry into the affairs of a lady and besides, she's been busy with her part of The Bastard alliance - what do you all think of her new logo?
  • 'We are having hot lesbian sex'. Well, that is part of the profile text for Shae Tiann. Did it capture your attention? I hope so as when I saw the words 'Lesbian', 'Sex' and 'hot', how can you leave the page? Actually, her posts on 'Rescuing Mr Frog' and 'Chapter Three: Thicker Than Blood' and 'Chapter Four: Thicker than Blood' should be the reason to linger around this most delectable and sexy of female pirates.
  • Biz Quick has now come back Molden Heath....and I hope to see some explosions soon. He calls himself 'predictable', but the only thing I can 'predict' about him from viewing his KB is that he will, most likely, kill you.
  • That salty pirate dog, Jedizah always writes with a certain style and panache and yes, San Rintu is no more - having been sold to some dirty Amarrian Slave trader. However, without missing a beat, Jedizah picks up the story-telling baton and hits the spot with a snap-shot of a week in the Bastards, with multi-billion isk kills and a fracturing of a long-term relationship with another pirate group; after breaking some Rules of Engagement.
  • December also saw the pirate blogsphere bid farewell to Spectre. His exit was a typical fanfare-filled flamboyant send off and his Haiku driven giveaway, ended with a twist. Come back soon you pirate you!
  • Cussbeard is still enjoying his studying at EVE-U but his blog page is looking more pirate-like with each passing day. He had a crack at Spectre's Haiku giveaway with some nice replies. Cussbeard may be a haiku master.
  • VB Sarge has had much happen in his real life but he had time to sit down and pen a worthy post on 'Searching for the truth'. Recommended reading.
  • Havojeh continues with wet navy piracy with an article of an interesting interview with the devs of PotBS. Good for those interested in non-EVE-Online piracy.
  • Marleus of Ironfleet is continuing his prowls into Morsus Mihi (bite me) space and he reports back on collection run. Battle prowler indeed.
New Pirate Blogs
  • Khaled Urduni, is another brother pirate, flying with me in The Bastards and he adds his own flavour and style to the Blogging world. You know? I think that a fair number of the New Eden related Blogs are pirate-oriented and of them, a good chunk are with us, The Bastards. Khaled kicks off his journey in the literary world with a fantastic first post about what it is like to fly with us and to be with us. We're not the best pirate corp in New Eden (yet), nor the richest, nor the most feared, most isk effective, one with the best K/D ratio - but we sure have fun. We'll kick down your doors and stomp on your throat. Such is the the Epicness of The Bastards. His most recent post is an audacious Hulk steal.
  • Krendar tells us how she lost her citizenship and her loyalty to the decaying empire states in her Thoughts of an outlaw. Welcome my sister, to the dark side. She has recently followed up on this post with 'Part Deux' and her thoughts on an ex-corp member's Betrayal.
  • DJ Akula is another Bastard, he had a blog called 'The Drone Collector' way before he even considered joining us but he has been strangly quiet on the writing front. Maybe because he has been too busy killing people?
  • Kalazar is a hopeful Bastard candidate, coming along with his three corp mates from the non-defunct, DOOM Armada (that counted the Hellcats as their members). His first post so far is an introduction to himself to New Eden and we welcome him.
  • Alongside Kalazar, we have his partner in crime: Azadeh Lawliet.
Pirates who got tagged recently.
If you want to find out about some real life facts about us, the pirating bloggers then follow these links.

Seven real facts about some New Eden pirates:
Those Pirate Bloggers who fly under THE BASTARDS banner now include:
Flashfresh, Jedizah, Khaled Urduni, Hallan Turreck, DJ Akula, Jorge Belda, VB Sarge, Spectre (now departed), Mynxee, Shae Tiann, Lanissum and (hopefully) Kalazar.

Some wishes:

To Votrian: join the pirates!

To The Bastards: A merry Christmas to my corp and friends: may New Eden yield much loot, epic ransoms and fights and isk in 2009!

To The HellCats: Angry women with guns. HAWT.

Finally, I wish a merry Christmas to all my readers (there appears to be at least two of you!) and a festive, safe and fortuitous New Year.


Anonymous said...

Great round up of most of the pirate's goings on. You're a regular one-stop shop!

Sarah Barah said...

Sad...don't I count any more? *sniffle*

Mynxee said...

There is so much sex and win in this post, it's like a Christmas present all by itself. Now, come stand under the mistletoe, Flash.

Havohej said...

Merry Christmas Flash, and thanks a ton for the shoutout! :D

Got a e-mail about a 5-day winback trial, and my former 2nd-in-command from DFIAS told me there's a new GTC system in place... I just might be back in New Eden soon.

Flashfresh said...

@Sarah Barah: NOOOO!!!!

You still count, I just got my lists a bit messed up. Will give you pride of place for the pirate speed linking for Jan 2009!!

Shae Tiann said...

<3 Flash ^_^ dibsy once Mynxee gets done with you >;D

Flashfresh said...


Am still with Mynxee. Just catching my breath. Roc is probably getting jealous but boy, can Mynxee kiss. The mistletoe is wilting under the heat......


Mynxee said...

/me hands Shae a rain check for two days hence. Roc? Roc who?

Anonymous said...

@Flash - Bug Shae for the poem she has entitled "The Mynxee before Christmas".

Jorge Belda said...

hehe I don't think anyone actually reads my blog, I obviously need to go on a rampage when I return stateside.

Shae Tiann said...

/emote sighs

Well, I suppose it gives me time to find something I can stand on to reach...