25 Feb 2008

It's a trap

A frustrating day as a mixed gang tried to run down a single rupture in Eifer. We failed to kill it despite our best intentions. However, I lost my hurricane on the Gusandall / Ingunn gate. I was sitting there waiting for a successful probe for a missioning raven but instead, found myself being engaged by a hurricane who had jumped through from Gusandall. I had this horrible feeling as we had not planned on taking this guy and Jubes (I suspected) was afk and was also the boss. I couldn't run the risk of leaving him unattended at the gate could I? Am a pirate not a bastard!

Anyway, I locked the cane just as he flashed red. I opened fire and closed the distance to 4km before my neutralisers came on. Then a crow appeared. Then a kitsune. Another cane and to top it all off, a nemesis. I was jammed for a cycle and then pummeled to scrap. I tried to mwd out but couldn't get any traction as I was bumped by the seconda cane. To be honest, I should have started the mwd and get into a wider range (orbit of about 10km) as soon as the crow appeared. At least it would have given me more time to align and get out.

It was a loss and I got the pod out. No idea if my crew survived, I will find out later. A 'gf' to the anti-pies.

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