25 Feb 2008

A game called RL

Yes, I have this new module installed on my existing game (called Real Life) - this module is called 'Gardening' and it has sucked in a lot of my time. The module's goal is simple: see anything green, remove it and take it to the local council recycling facility. Repeat until excess greenery has been removed and GF is happy. Then start on new section of greenery. Rinse and Repeat.

Where are are farmers or macros when you need them?

Anyway, the Black-Flag killboard has indicated a busy weekend - the highlight being a Navy Megathron kill. Laneth, the until-now-absent M34N corp ceo has returned and over this weekend has had a long chat with Viper Sam. CEO to CEO as it should have been.

While I can not get into the details, Laneth was very unhappy at how the events turned out and has tried to patch up things where she can with everyone.

It's also apparent we're flying with some of the M34N corp pilots.

This is all good news as it is clear, with Kaigun, CS and CE around (and those new chaps) - that Eifer and Gusandall is getting hotter. Excellent.