23 Feb 2008

We Love Falcons. We Hate Falcons. We Love Falcons. We...you get the idea

We Love Falcons. We Hate Falcons. We Love Falcons. We...you get the idea

Sarvic and I lost our ships today to a well executed trap with some pilots totally new to the area. Certainly we haven't seen them before and they brought some fresh ideas and tactics.

I joined the fleet when it was still being assembled but intelligence informed us that it would be two myrmidons, hurricane and a megathron would be inbound to Eifer. They came in from Eifer and then docked up in Gusandall. Sarvic undocked in his typhoon first, the rest of the fleet waited. Warping to Planet III he started to scan and wait for the newcomers to undock. A quick head count told us that one of their number was still undocked but we could not figure out the ship. There were reports of a falcon in Eifer but it was unclear that this unaccounted pilot, was one of them.

Confusing the issue, Sarvic was being attacked and tackled by Doffeh in his Hyena and Biooo in a nemesis. Two pilots not in the same corp as our potential marks but they were irritating us. Sam changed to his vagabond to chase them off and undocked.

Then things moved quickly.

As Sam moved off to Sarvic, the marks all undocked. Both myrmidons, hurricane and megathron. Sam on arrival turned his vagabond and raced back in order to change back to his cane. Sarvic was now being targeted by both myrmidons, hurricane, megathron as well as the nemesis and the hyena.

We were all ordered to undock and warp to Sarvic's aid but where was that last pilot ('Dead Joe')? - our own falcon was still cloaked and waiting for the signal to uncloak and render assistance. Undocking, the Black-Flag ships warped towards Sarvic's position, the field still very unclear. As we were all in mid warp - Viper Sam ordered our falcon to uncloak and jam the megathron. As our falcon uncloaked, so did the enemy falcon.

This was getting bad for us. I exited warp and collided with the megathron, I was 10km from Sarvic but it put me more or less in the middle of the enemy group. I was immediately webbed by one of the myrmidons as I sent my ecm drones out. This is the danger of warping into a fleet mate who is already engaged. It's difficult to get into your optimal range and quite likely you will end up slap bang in the middle of the fight and unable to get out.

The myrmidons were tanking our damage, remote armour repairers working away as well. The space around Sarvic was thick with Ogre IIs and then I was jammed. During the fight, the two falcons were struggling to get on top of each other - managing to jam each other a couple of times. However, every time our falcon was jammed - we were in trouble since we had less numbers and was relying on the force multiplying effect of the falcon to even the fight up. Meanwhile, Sarvic was faring badly now as the cloud of drones ate into his armour overcoming his repair systems. I started to realise the danger and hit the micro warp drive to pull me out by the webbers (more than one?) held me down to 30 metres per second. I was also being hit by fire. I wanted to close the gap to repair Sarvic but my lone ship could do little to stem the damage. Sarvic's ships shuddered as another important ship component was destroyed and then my ship was rocked by a tremendous flash as the mighty Typhoon-class battleship was atomised.

I was next and tried to get out. There was no way in hell I could tank the same damage that took out Sarvic.

"Abandon ship!" I ordered and hit the ejection button, spitting out my capsule.

First blood to this new crew and a well earned pair of kills too.