25 Feb 2008

Black Flag and Independence - a great place to be....


Time to be a bit nostalgic and self-indulgent as I realized that this blog has passed 300 posts by yours truly. Not all can be read but I have posted 300 times to 'Flashfresh - A Pirate' with this here post being number #300. So this time round, I have a collection of odd bits and pieces and items that I wanted to publish, but never found a suitable time to do it.

While this blog is a tale of my pirating activities; both solo and in gang, and from my own point of view. I want to mention the group that I am currently in and the characters in it. They have been mentioned a few times in the blog and I hope that the readers (whoever you are) have developed an impression of them. I also want to fondly recall other pirates that I have flown with and want to pay tribute to some of them with just a few words. Also, a chance to ramble as well and while not go back memory lane? My first 'I-Pirate' entry is here and the list still holds true, to this day and I suspect well into the future.

Black-Flag and Independence and other pirates.
Black-Flag is the corp I run in now, I have found a natural home here: they're all pirates and killers. Low-sec roamers with no desire for mission running in Empire or carving out space in null-sec. Black-Flag want to kill and kill as many people as possible and get rich while they're at it. Some visitors has asked me what is the relationship between Independence and Black-Flag? Well, Independence is a public channel, first set up when I was running my own corp, The Independent Pilots([IDP]). It can be likened to a public bar, open to pirates who operate around the Heimatar region and beyond. I use the bar as an example as it has a lot of the same characteristics. One can come in, have a chat and a drink and shoot the breeze with others. It can get rowdy at times and a brawl may ensue. Some undesirables will get a life-time ban but overall, it's an open place. It can get noisy like a bar and can be hazardous to your health too (smoke, drink and a bottle over the head) but that's the fun of it! All the original Black Flag pilots started off in the Independence channel. Current applicants are directed to start off in this channel just to settle in.

Anyway, most of the residents don't take getting popped by anyone else in the independence channel personally. It's just an open channel for pirates, it's not as if you're ganged or suddenly been made blue to everyone.
'Just be paranoid. Someone is always after you.' I tell people. Most of the residents there have shot at and been shot at, by other residents.

Informal gangs usually form between the residents, it's the only way that one can take down larger opponents but co-ordination in these gangs can be a challenge. Nonetheless, the channel residents can boast some serious kills in the past. Long may this continue into the future. You don't need an application to Black-Flag to fly with anyone else in the Independence channel though I would recommend you do fly with Black-Flag before you consider putting in an application. We might not be your cup of tea and you prefer the solo work. I refer you to a long-time Independence resident, Kane Rizzel who falls into this category, an independent operator, respected by all.

Kane Rizzel - Smooth Operator
Speaking of which, why not I introduce you to Kane Rizzel? What can I say about Kane that doesn't include the words: 'great fucking pirate'? Kane is not a Black-Flag pilot but he flies with us on a regular basis. Black-Flag are honoured to fly with him and we would love it if he signed up twith us, but politics of any description leaves him cold. With what happened in the last couple of months, who can blame him? He is also a crazy bastard, I mean, solo-tackling a moros in a hurricane is epic stuff but still gets you killed!

Kane and I go way back, over a year now in EVE and a life time if you're an active PvPing pirate; our first exchanges were EMP-based if I recall. I think he spoke louder and longer than me. He may even have podded me. Dunno, my clone was that up to date. However, fighting someone allows you to judge him so much more and so it was with Kane. Eventually, Kane left his 0.0 alliance and settled in Gusandall while I moved up from Auga around the same time. We ended up working together to take down bigger fish and there was an informal group of us that was made up of me, Kane, Lucius, Rakanas and Revivor.

Black-Flag will risk an entire fleet to help out Kane, such is the level of respect we have for this thin, bald, deadly Sebiestor snake.

Note: I think Kane holds a speed record that can only be equalled and never beaten. I will let him explain that to you all in his good time.

Viper Sam - The Tactful
Viper Sam is the leader of Black-Flag and along with a couple of other senior pirates, help form the core and vision of Black-Flag. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a director in the corporation. If I am, then where is my gold covered toilet seat cover? I am nominated as co-leader and public relations, acting on behalf of Black-Flag when Viper Sam is absent. However, Sam's attendance has been excellent and he's online most days; giving the group a consistent point of contact and direction.
He has helped Black-Flag develop some signature ship types and has led us (as FC) into some memorable fights and under him the corp has some ambitious plans that I can't wait to experience. Black-Flag is a pirate corporation moving ahead with firm goals and a thirst for combat. Like kane, Viper Sam is a 'effing good pilot' with almost complete mastery over Minmatar ships and tactics. He was a vagabond pilot for ages and knows that ship inside out.

Jubes - The Eager
Jubes! Ah, Jubes is our go-to pirate and consistently leads the Black-Flag killboard. He is there, day-in and day-out and most of us suspect that Jubes doesn't leave his pod at all. Or sleep. Or eat. He is there, getting kills consistently against all pilots.

He is known as 'The Eager' because that is exactly how he is; excitement at getting a positive hit on a missioning raven, excitement at seeing blinkies in a belt or planet, heck - excitement when he undocks. On a serious note, Jubes has an in-depth knowledge of gankage and his ships fits reflect this - usually, a slight tweak on the Black-Flag, tried and tested versions. His hurricane is a solo'ing monster and his T2 fitted rupture has taken down many ships considered superior. He's great to fly alongside and doesn't shirk his responsibilities when it comes to laying down the tackle or covering a retreat. He is now scaring most of the local pilots in Eifer and Gusandall out of the belts.

Other pilots, deserve quick mention Rakanas, Revivor and Lucius Cain. The former pilot has gone, Rev has appeared in the channel but is afk and Lucius Cain joined Blood Corsair's and is tearing it up down in metropolis. Get back in touch guys.

A funny chat...

(had to put this one in)

Flashfresh > Need to log for a bit.
Flashfresh > GF wants to use pc for facebook, need to get her a laptop.
Rail Duke > Punch her in the uterus.
Flashfresh > Jesus, a bit harsh.

Black-Flag's Video Intro...

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Umm - just realised the time. Want to add more but self-indulgency is out. Time for more pirating fun.