1 Feb 2008

Diplomancy hurts

Been an interesting day and not too unpleasant either.

Getting up I saw that I had a number of calls and messages on hold. With a strong cup of coffee in hand, I accessed the messages and was bombarded by a dozen or so conversations and voice mails. I slammed on the mute and staggered back.

Creeping back to the message I console, I hesitantly accessed the messages one by one and told all the other pilots and friends to hold on. I will contact them when ready and defintely today, or so I thought.

All messages said one thing: no one wanted a pirate war and I agree, we have so much bigger fish to fry. This argument was a distraction and would sap all our strengths. However, emotions and such are running high as many have spent some real time and effort to build up networks and resources. Many feel that this is now under threat. I understand and sympathise with this situation so I tried to field as many calls and queries as I could. I count many of the now, REDS to be my friends and I would try my hardest to keep them as friends even if the overall organisational relationship was hostile.

In some way, due to my unforeseen abscence, I have been seen by some to be approachable. I also managed to get more information on how all this has all blown up into the little mess it is now. A head-ache to be sure but not unsolveable.

Feck! another call.