2 Feb 2008


Just an update; GF has a variant of the norovirus. Nasty little bugger and quite unpleasant. Will try and log on as much as I can but RL needs me more, these next couple of days. Bad timing really and to think she only just reminded me it's our anniversary too!

The blog will be updated as soon as possible, but to all peeps - this blog is from my point of view with the information that I have in hand at the time of writing. It's isn't the minutes of a meeting nor transcribed, word for word from conversation log files.

If there are any errors in this log - then it is due to my own absent mindedness and lack of an editor.

Keep the comments coming!

(Actually, I just read the comments on the previous entry. Don't get this blog banned! Someone has already complained about it and now I have this annoying pop-up window.)

I'll be back asap.

Peace to you all


Kane Rizzel said...

Hope your GF gets better soon mate

Redbad said...

I hope she gets well soon Flash.